Apptricity World Headquarters located in Irving, TX
Apptricity Headquarters Irving, TX

Apptricity provides mobile enterprise solutions across the globe, providing access from anywhere.

Apptricity Corporation provides Mobile Enterprise applications to address the mission-critical supply chain management (SCM) and integrated finance demands of Fortune 500 companies, small and midsize enterprises and government organizations across the globe. Jetstream™, our revolutionary platform, enhances legacy enterprise applications and extends the value of information technology investments. Apptricity jetstream™, Smartfleet and applications accelerate business processes and command visibility. Apptricity applications mobilize any enterprise with unprecedented levels of real-time business intelligence so management has visibility into every action and transaction within the enterprise and among its partners, customers and suppliers.

Apptricity serves leading commercial enterprises across multiple industries, including AT&T Inc., Cameron International Corporation, Goldman Sachs Japan, and Dominion Enterprises as well as federal organizations such as the United States Department of Defense, Army Corp of Engineers, and NASA.

Mission Statement

To become the world leading provider of innovative mobile enterprise software. Combine state of the art user experience, forward thinking designs and innovative technologies that can be expeditiously delivered across multiple platforms. We are equally committed to our customers’ and employees’ success.

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