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“Today, you must know everything in an instant to deal with the unplanned. That's why we created Apptricity. You know now.” – Tim Garcia, CEO of Apptricity

SOA for asset management and enterprise resource planning

Apptricity World Headquarters located in Irving, TX

Apptricity World Headquarters located in Irving, TX

Apptricity was founded in 1999 to explore the new technology direction of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) for large organizations. The promise of using SOA for application development was that it could leverage the customer’s existing IT environment and be up and running quickly, in a matter of weeks rather than months.

Apptricity is a customer-service oriented ERP and a leading provider of innovative mobile enterprise software for mission-critical supply chain management and integrated finance solutions. Today, our customers include Fortune 500 enterprises, mid-size organizations and U.S. government entities. They each value our commitment to integrity in our applications and our dedication to their satisfaction.Apptricity is headquartered in Irving, Texas and has offices in Washington, DC and Orange County, California. Apptricity is privately owned.

Apptricity’s IT professionals and management experts are drawn from throughout the US. We encourage a collaborative atmosphere with our open facility design, while maintaining the highest levels of security required for our mission-critical government contracts. Our employees enjoy a positive and encouraging growth-enabling work environment, competitive benefits and room for advancement.

If you are interested in joining the Apptricity team, please visit our Careers section and check the latest openings.