Cover Your Assets with a Solid Enterprise Management Solution

Asset Management

Multiply your efficiencies and maximize your return on investment with end-to-end visibility and oversight for every aspect of your organization’s physical assets. Apptricity Asset Management supplies comprehensive enterprise-wide tracking, inventory data, maintenance records and valuation for all assets, extending asset life. Critical, real-time data for making solid purchasing, allocation, scheduling, useful-life and salvaging decisions is at your fingertips. Check-in/check-out functionality lets you track assets by division, department, employee, contractor or other criteria.

You gain immediate access at every stage of the procurement-to-retirement lifecycle with just a Web browser. Our mobile application, Apptricity Asset Management, provides enhanced mobility and flexibility. Easy to integrate with existing systems, our automated solution delivers distinct advantages:

  • Eliminates manual processes, lowering the total cost of ownership
  • Provides real-time asset data across all locations using radio frequency identification (RFID) or barcodes as well as graphical mapping and global positioning system (GPS) integration
  • Links dependent assets and displays relationship hierarchies in a simple tree format
  • Monitors both assigned and unused assets, supplies usage patterns and measures productivity
  • Tracks warranty coverage, service contracts and maintenance schedules
  • Includes real-time incident reporting and defect tracking and covers theft prevention
  • Provides depreciation models for current and historical values, simplifying tax calculations
Apptricity AssetAsset Tracking


Asset Management


Asset Enterprise


Access Application via Web Browser and Mobile Platforms (phone & tablet)
Manage Asset Details
Track Asset Location (manually)
Use Barcode Labels to Identify Assets
Manage Documents and Images
Support Multiple Clearance Levels
Manage Useful Life of Assets
Generate Canned Reports
Ad-hoc Reporting (optional)
Utilize Ruggedized Scanners
Track Asset Location (automatically) 
Generate Barcode Labels 
Use RFID Tags to Identify Assets 
Manage Chain of Custody for Life of Asset 
Track Related Inventory 
Maintain Warranty and Service Information 
Manage Related Assets 
User-defined Data Fields 
Event-based Alerting  
Manage Maintenance & Repair Operations  
Integration with Apptricity Work Order