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Asset Management

Manage your assets from procurement to retirement. Companies are finding that automated asset management has an increasingly important competitive advantage.Asset management goes beyond simply tracking life-cycle factors like purchase price, maintenance, depreciation, and salvage. It also involves purchasing processes and policies, supplier relationships, warranty coverage, location and storage, theft prevention, distribution, usage patterns, productivity rates, obsolescence, and environmentally-sound disposal procedures. Effectively managing all aspects of physical assets is critical to greater return on investment and longer, more efficient usage.

Apptricity’s Mobile Platform Supports

  • Purchase and Track
    Barcode your new asset and keep track of its location anytime, anywhere via graphical mapping.
  • Assign and Monitor
    Asset allocation and re-allocation provide visibility and accountability for the health and location of assets.
  • Manage and Repair
    User manuals, and trouble-shooting guides are stored in one place, along with warranty and repair receipts.
  • Depreciate and Replace
    Real-time, end-of life asset tracking helps your company save time and money by being proactive, not reactive.
  • Mobile Platforms
    Complete smartphone and tablet integration in Apple iOS, Android, and Microsoft Mobile.
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