Cover Your Assets with a Solid Enterprise Management Solution

Asset Management

Effective management of all aspects of your organization’s physical assets ensures visibility, extends asset life and maximizes your return on investment. Apptricity Asset Management supplies comprehensive enterprise-wide tracking, maintenance data and valuation for all assets. Critical, real-time data for making solid purchasing, allocation, scheduling, useful-life and salvaging decisions is at your fingertips.

You gain immediate access at every stage of the procurement-to-retirement lifecycle with just a Web browser. Our mobile application, Apptricity SMART Asset Management, provides enhanced mobility and flexibility by integrating mobile platforms. Easy to integrate with your existing systems, our automated solution delivers distinct advantages:

  • Eliminates manual processes, lowering the total cost of ownership
  • Accounts for every asset across all locations using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) or barcodes
  • Tracks warranty coverage, service contracts and maintenance schedules
  • Covers theft prevention, usage patterns and productivity rates and monitors unused and assigned equipment
  • Provides valuation capabilities that simplify depreciation models


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