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Catalog Management

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Prevent off contract spending with a catalog management system

About Catalog Management

Apptricity Catalog Management software gives companies a catalog management system that provides vendor negotiated discounts, combined shipping rates, real-time specials and close-outs. Use your internal and external web-based vendor catalogs to streamline buying processes and increase spending control.

Our Catalog Management solution supports secure access to vendor online catalogs (punch-outs) without leaving the Apptricity environment, providing instant pricing and availability in a simple interface.

With Catalog Management, your enterprise can:

  • Enhance business performance through streamlined processes
  • Maximize implementation flexibility
  • Improve adaptability and performance
  • Eliminate information silos
  • Provide greater information exchange throughout your enterprise

With Catalog Management:

  • Restrict catalog purchases using corporate rules and purchasing roles through approved, pre-selected vendors
  • Provide up-to-the-minute vendor pricing, discounts, specials and negotiated supplier pricing
  • Auto-populate purchase requests and purchase orders from catalog entries
  • Support integration of “punch out” catalogs, allowing access to any vendor’s online catalog
  • Support pre-determined spending limits and authorizations by catalog item