Apptricity Government Services (AGS), a division of Apptricity Corporation, is a global provider of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) mobile enterprise software applications.

AGS provides software and services specifically for The Department of Defense, Federal Government, and state and local government agencies. Since 1999, Apptricity has provided Enterprise mobile software applications in Supply Chain Management and Spend Management. All of Apptricity’s applications are built on an advanced service-oriented architecture (SOA) framework. Apptricity applications can be rapidly configured and deployed based on your organization’s business requirements. Apptricity’s SOA Framework guarantees a low cost, non-resource intensive implementation, configuration, deployment and maintenance. By implementing a SOA technology platform, Apptricity has succeeded in delivering highly scalable enterprise application technology and best practices configuration, which complement, extend and/or replace legacy systems.

As organizations seek to further automate their significant application and infrastructure investments and adopt commercial best practices, Apptricity provides the roadmap and software applications that allow its customers to achieve their end goals incrementally and enterprise wide. Apptricity offers:

Apptricity offers mobile applications, advanced configurability and reporting, top-notch support, and the choice of SaaS or on-premise deployment.