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Configurable finance and supply chain management integrates with existing federal government systems

federal-services-cotsCommercial off-the-shelf (COTS) application provides best-in-class solutions

Faced with the same pressures as corporate enterprises, federal government entities require solutions that integrate with different legacy systems and deliver a rapid return on investment.

The Apptricity Technology Framework is compliant with the federal government’s Enterprise Architecture Initiative.

The Apptricity Technology Framework – Platform-Agnostic

Apptricity federal benefits solutions operate on many hardware/ software configurations, regardless of operating system, data source, application server or web server.

Dynamic Configuration

Apptricity significantly reduces the need for expensive programmers or outside consultants. Our interfaces allow you to leverage integrated administration tools.

Business Rules Engine

Apptricity solutions include an embedded business rules engine to register, classify and manage your unique business rules without the need for IT intervention.

Workflow Engine

Apptricity’s embedded workflow facilitates the flow of information, tasks and events within your specific business processes.

Release/Version Migration Control

Apptricity applications seamlessly migrate unique configuration, business rules and workflow processes as new releases are implemented.

Application Integration Engine

Apptricity applications interface with a dynamic integration engine that streamlines and enhances interface connectivity, and provides rapid mapping of fixed or variable interface formats.

Apptricity COTS Solutions

Apptricity Dynamic Spend Management is an end-to-end suite of solutions that includes:

  • Apptricity Invoice Management
  • Apptricity Expense Management
  • Apptricity P-Card Management
  • Apptricity Requisition and Order Management

Apptricity Supply Chain Management, which currently serves in military operations and commercial enterprises, includes:

  • Apptricity Asset Management
  • Apptricity Warehouse Management
  • Apptricity Transportation Management
  • Apptricity Inventory Management