Transform Field Services with Intelligent, Integrated Tracking

Now you can infuse intelligence into your field service vehicles. Apptricity Field Services brings enterprise solutions to the field, integrating and streamlining asset, inventory and work order management for start-to-finish tracking and control.

Never again will you lose track of products and materials as they are stored, loaded on trucks or used to complete work orders. Field Services seamless integrates work orders and assets — including fleet assets — across all your physical warehouses and service vehicles.

Field technicians are mobile. So is Field Services. The solution monitors and tracks service vehicles and their payloads and runs on virtually any tablet or smartphone. Your technicians can even receive turn-by-turn driving directions. On-demand synchronization enables technicians to remain productive even if Internet connectivity is unavailable.

Field Services empowers you to take control and increase productivity so field operations become measurably more efficient and profitable:

  • Improves asset tracking, usage and accountability while eliminating clerical errors and costly data-entry time
  • Provides real-time information about a vehicle to dispatchers, field service engineers and upper management
  • Reduces truck rolls and eliminates the problem of “lost” tools and equipment
  • Enables field technicians to quickly verify that their vehicles are properly stocked prior to departure
  • Wirelessly alerts users of new and updated work orders and notifies customers of expected arrivals via text, email or phone
  • Makes it easy to track labor hours for each work order for billing and analytical reporting

To streamline service workflow and provide real-time mobile visibility, Field Services includes comprehensive asset, inventory and work order management capabilities, all powered by Apptricity JetStream platform.