Apptricity Expense

Optimize Expense Management while Saving Time and Money


Apptricity Expense provides true business value by increasing efficiencies and improving visibility. Expense automates traditionally labor-and-resource intensive processes by easily adapting to your unique workflows. Providing both mobile and Web-based support, Expense supplies powerful wizards and user-friendly screens employees can use for fast and easy entry. Improve the bottom line by simplifying report creation, eliminating paper, reducing expense processing costs, increasing productivity, and gaining better control of your T&E expense reporting processes.

Why Apptricity Expense?

Mobile Access for Users. A full-featured mobile solution that speeds time to processing and reimbursement that is effortless without being tied to a particular location. Mobile is at the heart of our DNA which is why we support any device platform including Apple®, Microsoft® Mobile and Android® platforms.

OCR. A proven technology-based solution that accurately transforms your receipt images into effortless expenses for reimbursement.

Receipt Splitting. A more intuitive and flexible way to allocate expenses across multiple departments/cost centers and GL Account codes using standard allocation methods that is natural to your users.

Administrative Reporting. Go beyond canned reports with three levels of reporting to meet your needs. Our out-of-the-box solution provides a robust set of canned reports and a Query-based reporting engine that enables you to create advanced reports for your users. Take your business intelligence to the next level with our optional Professional Reports engine.

Fast Implementation. Immediately use out-of-the-box functionality. We've successfully migrated other clients from inferior expense tools to Apptricity Expense in as little as 90 days.

JetStream. Our common service-oriented technology platform that allows you to consolidate your payables workflow under one foundation using either a stand-alone or suite of solutions to meet your needs.

Analysts and Partners agree. Top analysts have recognized Apptricity Expense as a next generation enterprise management solution.