Speed and simplify invoice processing through automation. Apptricity Invoice maximizes your efficiencies, streamlining processing while you save time, increase your cost savings and gain greater visibility. Complete with comprehensive reporting and analysis, the solution also gives you insight into organizational spending. Invoice automates everything from invoice creation to settlement. By automating manual procedures – such as the processing of paper invoices and dispute resolution – you can dramatically reduce administrative expenses.

Why Apptricity Invoice?

Cost savings. You can reduce processing costs by up to 67 percent by combining automation and reporting and analysis capabilities. You also save money with vendor discounts, fewer late payments, duplicate invoice detection and three-way matching of invoices against POs and receiving documents. Discount expiration notices and timely reports can increase vendor discounts by up to 500 percent.

Start-to-finish automation. The system converts each paper invoice to a digital image, stores it, routes it for approval, matches it to purchase orders (POs) and prepares it for payment. Turnaround time for processing and payment can decrease by as much as 65 percent. Electronic document retrieval eliminates time-consuming manual file searches.

Efficient workflow. Configurable, built-in workflow routes invoices for approval with escalation according to your timelines. Managers can either approve an invoice immediately or approve and forward it to another person. Auto-generated messages remind anyone delaying the process.

Mobile and browser access. Users can access Invoice with a Web browser or virtually any mobile device. A streamlined user experience saves valuable time and helps ensure accuracy.

Automated rules compliance. The system applies your organization's predefined business rules, enforcing compliance with corporate policies and freeing accounts payable (AP) personnel from the task of manual reinforcement. If needed, our powerful rules engine can enforce rules down to the line-item level.

Permanent transaction history. Exception and rule-based audits can occur before or after processing. The result is real-time visibility as needed, along with a permanent record of transaction history.

Payment notifications. The solution forwards approved payments to your AP system. Notifications of payment are submitted to suppliers, capturing early payment discounts and reducing disputes.

Support for green initiatives. Automating the start-to-finish invoicing process makes paper trails unnecessary. In addition to converting paper invoices to a digital format, the system further reduces paperwork by attaching scanned and fax-to-image documents to digital transactions