Supply Chain Management

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Gain efficiency, control and transparency in supply chain operations

Create a 360-degree view into process efficiency

Apptricity Supply Chain Management is a suite of applications that automates the operations of your supply chain. It gives you insight and control necessary to manage today’s complex supply cycles such as warehouse management, asset tracking, order fulfillment, inventory management, supplier integration and more.

All Apptricity solutions utilize a common platform called Jetstream, therefore you can pick the individual modules you need to automate operations in your supply chain. You can also add solutions from Apptricity’s other suites; Financial Productivity and e-Procurement to automate your enterprise.

Apptricity’s SOA framework architecture is uniquely designed to tackle broad-reaching supply chain automation projects that require integration with dozens of other systems. Our integration engine offers direct connection to your existing system, resulting in a truly cross-functional solution and maximizing the value of corporate resources.

With a flexible business rules engine and the ability to customize all fields, screens, and applications, Apptricity Supply Chain Management delivers a solution that can meet the needs for any size organization.

Explore all our Supply Chain Management solutions below, or contact us directly.

asset-managementAsset Management

Apptricity Asset Management offers comprehensive enterprise-wide tracking, inventory, maintenance and valuation for all assets, providing organizations with the data they need to make solid purchasing, scheduling, useful life and salvaging decisions. [read more…]

fleet-managementFleet Management

Apptricity Fleet Management provides complete cradle-to-grave functionality that not only tracks fleet assets, but also monitors maintenance and repair operations, staff assignments, outsourced work, and more. By helping to improve equipment availability, reliability, and longevity, Apptricity Fleet Management gives peace of mind when it comes to maximizing your fleet’s lifecycle. [read more…]

inventory-managementInventory Management

Transforming the supply chain into a source of competitive advantage is challenging and inventory management is one of the most important aspects of a successful and profitable supply chain. Apptricity Inventory allows you to track parts, equipment, merchandise, consumer goods, pharmaceutical, or any items. [read more…]

smartfleet-field-servicesSmartfleet Field Services

Smartfleet extends Apptricity Jetstream’s enterprise solutions for work order, asset, inventory and warehouse management into the field. Accessible on virtually any mobile device, it makes everything in the field work better. Now real-time information is available to the dispatcher, the field service engineer and even upper management, thanks to Apptricity’s “Above the Cloud” visibility and intelligence. [read more…]

transportation-managementTransportation Management

The Apptricity Transportation Management application automates the entire transportation process, including transportation requests, approval of requests, route planning, cargo management, bill of lading entries, yard management and notification of transportation status. [read more…]

warehouse-managementWarehouse Management

Apptricity Warehouse Management provides cutting edge technology to an age-old problem: how to efficiently manage your warehouse and inventory from end to end. Apptricity’s Warehouse Management System handles receipt of shipments, put-away, inventory rotation and movement, fulfillment and shipping – all with the click of a mouse. [read more…]

work-order-managementWork Order Management

Apptricity Work Order Management provides comprehensive oversight and control of the work order process by tracking all details pertaining to requested services. From creating and assigning requests to prioritizing work orders according to predefined specifications, our solution provides all the necessary tools to keep employees organized and management informed of work order status. [read more…]