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Smartfleet Field Services

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Seamlessly integrate work orders, assets, inventory into your service vehicles

About Smartfleet Field Services

smartfleet-truckSmartfleet Field Services makes field service vehicles intelligent.  Prior to its introduction, most vehicle payloads were not accurately tracked or accounted for.  The Smartfleet solution extends Apptricity Jetstream’s enterprise solutions for work order, asset management, inventory and warehouse management into the field. Accessible on virtually any mobile device, it makes everything in the field work better.  Now real-time information is available to the dispatcher, the field service engineer and even upper management, thanks to Apptricity’s “Above the Cloud” visibility and intelligence.  With Smartfleet Field Services, truck rolls are significantly reduced, “lost” equipment is no longer an issue and operations become measurably more effective and efficient.

Mobile Device Choices

SmartFleet Field ServicesSmartfleet Field Services runs on any tablet or Smartphone using iOS, Android and Windows Phone mobile platforms. Don’t lock yourself into a single hardware device and don’t replace perfectly good existing devices.

Efficient Scheduling and Work Order Management

As one of the solutions included in Smartfleet Field Services, Apptricity’s Work Order Management allows orders to be graphically scheduled through an intuitive drag and drop interface and immediately communicated to the appropriate technician.  Smartfleet synchronizes work orders, statuses, and assets in real-time.  Increase the number of work orders per day, eliminate clerical errors, and complete more work on-time at a lower cost.

Automated Asset Management

Traditional asset and inventory systems are updated after product has moved and work has been performed.  With Apptricity’s innovating solution Smartfleet, your assets, inventory, and work orders are updated as work is performed.  Never make decisions with out-of-date information again.

With Smartfleet Field Services:

  • View street-level mapping and turn-by-turn directions to the next stop
  • Quickly respond to changes in customer service and delivery requirements
  • Improve asset tracking, usage, and accountability
  • Ensure more accurate service delivery times and increased customer satisfaction
  • Allow smaller and more accurate service windows for higher overall productivity
  • Eliminate clerical errors and costly data entry time