Next generation applications that empower your business

Apptricity’s Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) framework integrates our applications with existing systems – any OS, web server, app server or RDBMS.

Apptricity solutions deliver greater business performance by streamlining processes, eliminating information silos, and creating greater exchange of information throughout your enterprise. By leveraging common components and open standards, SOA integration can also extend the life of your current IT investment.

Apptricity’s SOA framework makes use of application suites that allow your enterprise to build business-specific solutions. Our technology is platform- and database-agnostic, and can be easily conformed to your organization’s processes.

This approach allows you to seamlessly add new products and technologies as you need them, streamlining processes without risking incompatibility with your current infrastructure.

Before and After Apptricity



Highly Adaptable


Apptricity applications are highly adaptable. They can run on any OS, RDBMS, web server or application server technology platform. Apptricity supports a N-tier configuration.

Highly Configurable


Apptricity provides a business rules engine for unrestricted configuration. Solutions adapt to business logic, rules, established best practices and compliance.

Superior Integration


The Apptricity integration engine provides the ability to integrate into any third party data source, dynamically or batch (EDI, XML, ORM). Apptricity also provides pre-built integration connectors for Oracle, SAP, PeopleSoft, Epicor, JD Edwards, GEAC, Great Plains and many others.

Minimal-Cost Migration


You configure the solution to meet your needs once. Our solutions’ migration capabilities eliminate future costs associated with upgrading to new versions. Why repeatedly pay for professional services every time ERP vendors send you a new version of software? With Apptricity, you configure once and migrate forever.