Apptricity Enterprise Asset Management Solution Helping Municipalities Track Assets

From real-time tracking to automating inventory management processes, municipalities are turning into smart cities with Apptricity’s help

Irving, TX (September 15, 2020) – Cities around the world are starting to change. They are rapidly transforming into “smart cities,” improving environmental, financial, and social aspects of life for their citizens. According to a report from the International Data Corporation (IDC), smart city technology spending is expected to reach $135 billion by next year. Smart cities are the wave of the future and Apptricity is already helping cities in the United States transform.

“Our Enterprise Asset Management Solution is already helping cities and municipalities track their assets and inventory more effectively, especially during the current COVID-19 pandemic,” says Jason Nance, CRO of Apptricity.

Here is how Apptricity is helping.

San Bernardino County: They have a need to ensure the adequate amount of inventory and equipment is strategically deployed across the county to efficiently respond to the needs of the community during catastrophic events such as fires, spikes in flu season, and a pandemic like Covid-19.

City of Bethlehem, PA: The real-time tracking of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and inventory ensures inventory levels are maintained and can be deployed when a catastrophic event such as COVID-19 is being experienced in the community.  Our application is being deployed to provide the real-time tracking of the items in the storage warehouse and provide alerts to the managers when certain high-value or mission critical items go below a defined threshold.

Sacramento Sherriff: Our Asset Tracking and Management System is being implemented to track the assets across the Sherriff department warehouse.  Additionally, they will be able to track in real-time the assets that are placed inside a sheriff’s vehicle.  Ensuring a vehicle is equipped with the needed assets every time it is in use will provide an added level of security and peace of mind.

City of Austin, TX: We are partnering with the city to help them evaluate the enablement of real-time tracking of emergency equipment and pharmaceuticals from the central warehouse supply to storage closets at ambulance stations, and in the ambulance as the last mile to patient for critical, emergency care.  Improved inventory management processes and optimal inventory levels across the supply chain will result in significant financial savings and improved process efficiencies.

“It is an exciting time for Apptricity, and I am thrilled to be involved with cities and counties that are on the cutting edge of using technology to improve the services they provide to their communities,” says Greg Kemp, SVP of Professional Services.

For more information on how Apptricity can help your city, county or state become “smart,” contact us today for more information and schedule a demo.


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