Apptricity Announces Jetstream Solution Platform

DALLAS, October 11, 2012 – Apptricity, a leader in automated finance, supply chain, logistics and workforce management business solutions, today announced the availability of Jetstream, its next-generation automation solution platform, providing enhanced usability, streamlined integration, and global visibility into the actions, transactions, and assets managed.

“Jetstream, like its name, gets you to your destination faster, easier and much more efficiently,” said Tim Garcia, Apptricity CEO. “Finally, C-level executives can have the visibility they need to make mission-critical decisions. Now, both commercial and government leaders can better manage crucial resources.”

Jetstream provides an acceleration to benefit through a refined, filtered cloud-based architecture that is “Above the Cloud.” This empowers an enterprise to realize business process acceleration, enabling cost-effectiveness, intuitive ease-of-use, and a global view of an organization’s entire asset base, infrastructure, actions, transactions, tracking and activities.

The Jetstream user experience is effortless due to the unique RIA user interface and shared data models, while the minimized learning curve makes it easy to understand and operate all Apptricity solutions.

“Your cloud or our cloud, it makes no difference. Jetstream adapts to the user, whether in a secured, private environment or in the public cloud,” said Garcia. “Jetstream incorporates the industry’s latest technologies to securely provide customers with robust functionality and enhanced customer support, regardless of whether they choose an on-premise or hosted SaaS deployment.

Jetstream-empowered supply chain solutions and e-procurement solutions are available today for Asset, Warehouse, and Work Order Management, Time and Attendance, Invoice, Purchase Card, and Expense Management. Additional integrated Apptricity applications are soon to follow.

About Apptricity

Apptricity Corporation provides innovative software applications that help companies of all sizes run better and maximize their resources. Our applications deliver critical real-time intelligence to your desktop, notebook/pad or mobile device, keeping you connected to the office, the warehouse, and the final destination. Jetstream, our revolutionary platform, enhances legacy ERP applications and extends the value of IT investments to sharpen your competitive edge. Jetstream solutions unify objectives for Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and the military with accelerated business processes and command visibility. Our solutions evolve to help your enterprise operate more profitably and grow.

Apptricity Press Contact:
Stephanie Fedler