Apptricity Brings on CMO - Roger Sanford

February 7, 2012 – Dallas, Texas – Apptricity Corporation, an industry leader in automated enterprise grade Supply Chain and Dynamic Spend Management solutions, announced today that its longtime Advisory Board member, Roger Sanford, will move into the Chief Marketing Officer position. He will head up enterprise sales, marketing and be responsible the Apptricity brand.

“As a part of our ever expanding business, we brought Roger inside to head up enterprise marketing and sales,“ said Timothy D. Garcia, Chief Executive Officer and President of Apptricity, “He has a strong and blisteringly accurate understanding of our competitive position to guide us to new market opportunities, while finding innovative ways to create new opportunities in mature markets. He has a reputation for effective innovation; as CMO we are looking to Roger to be scouting the path ahead - outside of the walls of Apptricity. As the standard bearer of the brand, he’s on the market pulse and leads the way.”

Roger Sanford has been a marketing leader for a number of years and was CMO at PGP, Mbrane, Centura, 3Market and Infreeda as well as acquisition branding for work for Peoplesoft and Vantive. Roger has provided compelling & innovative solutions and sustainable result based programs for Alcatel Lucent, Apple, AT&T, BT, Chevron, eBay, Epson, HP, IBM, Intel, Kodak, Mercedes-Benz,, Nokia, Samsung, Skyy Vodka (created the blue bottle), Siemens, Sony, UPS, Varian, Verizon and Volvo.

“I believe that the new and social media has the power to fundamentally change how Apptricity builds and sustains a profitable market share,” said Roger Sanford, incoming CMO, “Now, integrated sales and marketing enables a real-time, multi-channel, targeted, and personalized experience for Apptricity clients. Continuous customer collaboration and old-fashioned problem solving now drives top line growth. Active listening is key.”

About Apptricity

Founded in 1999, Apptricity Corporation provides Supply Chain Management and Dynamic Spend Management solutions. Customers benefit from reduced operational costs due to improvements in efficiencies and compliance. Apptricity also offers multiple deployment alternatives to address customer demands including a perpetual license and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Built on an advanced Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) framework, Apptricity solutions provide platform independence, broad-reaching integration, mass customization and hassle-free migration.

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