Apptricity Provides Universities Advantages

DALLAS, Oct. 3, 2012 – Higher education institutions facing the challenge of automating their business processes now have a technology partner to help them upgrade their legacy systems: Dallas-based Apptricity. Tim Garcia, Apptricity president and CEO, today announced a new long-term initiative that will provide colleges and universities access to a reliable partner who fully understands the issues they face.

“Schools face unique challenges in dealing with business processes,” said Garcia. “Most universities operate without mandates over faculty and staff, and require heavy customization to ensure maximum buy-in from their user community. And for too long the big players have ignored the needs of the higher education marketplace.”

Apptricity's solutions are uniquely geared to address the issues schools most commonly face. Built on the tenet of mass customization, all Apptricity solutions are fully configurable to give clients in higher education the flexibility to tailor a solution to how they handle a particular process.

Tackling the Tough Issues

Due to the many potential funding sources for expenditures (tuition/fees, federal or state grants, various endowments and general fundraising, among others), schools need to select from multiple cost centers and approval structures to empower proper visibility of transactions. Ensuring they can report on where the money was spent enables schools to assure donors and foundations that they are worthy of continued contributions.

Apptricity's leading edge solutions fully automate business processes ranging from travel and expense management to vendor invoice approvals to the tracking and management of assets and other equipment. Combining an easy to use interface and powerful reporting tools, the services, enable schools to choose what works best for them. Apptricity fully supports deployment either as a cloud-based SaaS or on-premise solution within the client's infrastructure.

“Colleges and universities are incubators of free expression and thought. Why would we want to dictate to them how to best solve their problems and make them choose a deployment that doesn't suit their needs?”said Joe Tetreault, Apptricity's Higher Education Liaison.

University administrators interested in discussing education discounts should contact Joe Tetreault at

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