Apptricity Raises the Bar for Enterprise Asset Management

DALLAS, October 12, 2012 – Apptricity, a leader in automated finance, supply chain, logistics and workforce management business solutions, today announced the general availability of Jetstream Asset Management, its latest asset management release. Jetstream Asset Management leverages Apptricity's industry-leading automation platform to significantly enhance the asset management solution already relied upon by organizations including the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and NASA.

“Jetstream drives an enhanced user experience, plug-in integration with other Apptricity solutions, and streamlined integration with third-party applications,” said Tim Garcia, Apptricity CEO. “For assets, our enhanced work order integration provides customers with friction-free assignment and management of scheduled and ad-hoc maintenance activities. The integration even tracks all parts installed during repair and maintenance processes, important information for some of our larger and more complex customer implementations.”

Jetstream Asset Management improves organizational efficiencies and reduces costs by providing unparalleled visibility through the entire asset life cycle, including:

Jetstream Asset Management leverages RFID and barcode technologies to pinpoint the exact location of single or groups of assets within a building, a campus or around the world. Alerts can even be sent to specific users when assets are moved from their designated areas, greatly reducing loss and administrative resource expenditures.

About Apptricity

Apptricity Corporation provides innovative software applications that help companies of all sizes run better and maximize their resources. Our applications deliver critical real-time intelligence to your mobile device, keeping you connected to the office, the warehouse, and the final destination. Jetstream, our revolutionary platform, enhances legacy ERP applications and extends the value of IT investments to sharpen your competitive edge. Jetstream solutions unify objectives for Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and the military with accelerated business processes and command visibility. Our solutions evolve to help your enterprise operate more profitably and grow.

Apptricity Press Contact:
Stephanie Fedler