Apptricity Enhances Time and Attendance Solution to Comply with ACA

Leading mobile enterprise software provider helps customer compliance with new health law.

Nov. 21, 2013 – Dallas, TX - Apptricity, provider of Mobile Enterprise software solutions, has announced a software update that helps its Time and Attendance solution customers comply with the Affordable Care Act.

The latest release addresses new ACA mandates that companies track the full-time or part-time status of employees, among other levels of support.

In addition to basic reporting required under federal law, Apptricity’s solution can alert managers of any schedule conflicts that might cause them to be out of compliance. A variety of dashboard widgets provide managers with real-time data on employee time and attendance.

Apptricity's solution for time and attendance streamlines the way employees log time and eliminates wasteful paper processes. Automation saves time, ensures employee participation and increases accuracy in labor reporting. Now, enterprises can rest assured that their practices comply with the complex new health law.

“We developed the latest version of the Jetstream Time and Attendance solution by leveraging our deep experience with government agencies and compliance issues,” said Tim Garcia, Apptricity’s CEO. “The ACA mandate takes effect Jan. 1, and with this enhancement, companies will have no trouble with compliance in time and attendance.”

To learn more about Apptricity's Time and Attendance solution and the new ACA-related features, please contact an Apptricity representative at 214-596-0601.

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