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Texas A&M University selected Apptricity for its RFID based Inventory Management solution in October 2015 and the project was featured in RFID Journal for its unique use of RFID technology.

TAMU Uniforms 2The university will implement the solution to manage uniforms utilized by Texas A&M’s Corps of Cadets. Incoming freshman joining “The Corps” are issued a variety of uniforms and at minimum—6 different sets, including summer and winter versions of daily uniforms, dress uniforms and field uniforms. The “Uniform of the Day” depends on the weather. For special occasions and events, the uniform is specified in the Field Order or invitation for the event. Special Corps units have special uniforms, such as the Ross Volunteers, the Fish Drill Team and Parsons Mounted Cavalry.  That’s a lot of uniforms!  Uniforms can be purchased or leased but all are managed by the Military Property Warehouse (MPW).

The system will be used at the MPW located on the College Station campus, which stores and distributes uniforms for the Corps of Cadets. The full uniform cycle spans freshman through senior years.  Apptricity will be addressing possible tag replacement for current uniform expendable items using existing bar codes, as well as current uniform returnable and re-issuable items using existing RFID chips.

Apptricity’s recommended software solutions provide accurate data regarding inventory stock, tracks uniforms whether issued to cadets or in transit from the warehouse to uniform-cleaning facilities, and provides control and management of invoices created when assets are issued to cadets. The combination of asset-, inventory- and invoice-management capabilities allows the MPW to track uniforms and other expendable and non-expendable assets, provide inventory status reports, and manage invoice processing.  The MPW outgrew its current inventory management system and wanted to incorporate invoicing automation as well.

The solution will interface with the MPW’s current inventory system, enabling MPW management to immediately know the assets’ supply status. The system also interfaces with the university’s general ledger and accounts receivables to generate invoices and update and track costs associated with MPW assets.

Apptricity is providing Procure-to-Pay, Invoice Management, Asset Tracking and Integration Services to help make a fully automated solution for the MPW.  We’re also helping move the MPW forward with use of existing RFID and barcode systems and workflows to transition them into a more modernized RFID/Barcode tagging system with updated RFID Interrogators and Infrastructure as well as helping build a proprietary RFID-scanning capable shopping cart.  The cart will help MPW personnel as they pull inventory from their warehouse shelves and place them in the cart—the cart will help them track what pieces were checked out, to whom it was checked out for and will initiate the invoice process.

As “The Corps” grows, we’re here to help support their evolutionary plans with the most cost effective and efficient solutions…Gig’Em Ags!


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