Apptricity Announces Complete Inventory Integration into Shopify Storefront.

Irving, TX (March 2, 2022) – Today, Apptricity announced a partnership with Shopify to help merchants streamline their inventory management operations. From order to fulfillment to analytics, Apptricity’s “Omni Inventory Solution” helps Shopify merchants manage and track inventory across multiple stores, warehouses, sales channels, and markets. Apptricity’s intuitive solution helps clients run and grow their business with a trusted view of their products and inventory. Apptricity is excited about the opportunity to partner with Shopify and provide Shopify users the ability to integrate Shopify StoreFront with Apptricity’s enterprise inventory management application solution. This new product allows Shopify customers to keep track of their inventory and provide them with a pick, pack, and ship capability.

“Our new integration into Shopify is a significant game-changer,” says Tim Garcia, CEO of Apptricity.  “For many companies, dealing with the time, cost, and revenue loss due to out-of-stock inventory has been a major pain point. We challenged our engineers with developing a fully integrated solution that would automate the inventory tracking process through any IoT technology the customer would like to use within their budget. As a result, we look forward to the new opportunity in the online retail space.”

To date, the only option for most organizations looking to track their inventory was through barcodes. However, Apptricity now provides multiple options, including barcode, RFID, Bluetooth, LTE, and Satellite tracking on expensive inventory. 

“Having been a supplier and partner of the United States Military for the past 18 years, we have been able to attract an incredibly talented technical team to create world-class products.  As a result, we can leverage the technology needed to solve the global challenges of our military and apply those solutions to the commercial sector, helping companies like Verizon track, monitor globally, and manage their critical assets and inventory,” Garcia adds.

Product availability is schedule to be available Q2/2022.


Apptricity Corporation is the global leader in delivering real-time cloud solutions for enterprise asset management, inventory management, field services, and spend management. Apptricity provides the most transparent, accurate, real-time visibility for asset, inventory, and spend management by monitoring the best data intelligence and analytics available in the marketplace. Our solutions mobilize any enterprise with unprecedented real-time information and business analytics. With this visibility, management can see every action and transaction within the enterprise among its partners, customers, and suppliers.

Apptricity is the only company that provides Bluetooth beacon technology that provides tracking and data insight on your inventory and assets up to 23 miles.

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