Gain Proof of Control with Asset Management

Asset Management currently tracks over 25 million assets across the globe. This world-class system delivers real-time asset location anytime, anywhere, on any device. Automated asset tracking and movement prevents shrinkage and stockpiling issues, and access to ongoing history and maintenance activity for all assets streamlines the movement and management of assets throughout their lifecycles. Apptricity Asset Management seamlessly integrates with our powerful Work Order system, which means that you have 360-degree visibility of workflow as assets move through the supply chain.

Knowing what assets you have, where they are, how they are used, what they cost, and what value they deliver is critical to the success of your organization. Mitigate the risk of wasted resources, inaccurate inventory, and service delays with the remarkable insight provided by Apptricity Asset Management. Our system ensures that you never lose Proof of Control, and ultimately, it enables accurate asset valuation and better business decisions.

Global Asset Tracking Software with 360-degree 24/7 Visibility

Global Asset Management Tracking Software with 360-degree 24/7 Visibility

Apptricity Asset Management Features

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Apptricity Asset starts tracking assets when they are received and continues tracking movement and maintenance throughout their useful lifecycle and into obsolescence. Assets can also be added, transferred and assigned en masse. Asset utilizes Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags to track asset movement; as well as, help with physical counts, letting the hardware do all the work.

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As assets are assigned and monitored, Apptricity Asset provides an ongoing history of reassignments, maintenance, repairs and general usability.

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Apptricity Asset seamlessly integrates with our powerful Work Order system for job-based asset usage and supporting MR&O processes. Management screens provide an overall view showing what’s behind schedule, what is assigned, and other pertinent information to the job.

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Apptricity Asset can use satellite and/or cellular networks to get precision location data that can be plotted on interactive maps providing a visual representation of global asset distribution.

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When assets are received, detailed financial information can be gathered, including expected life. Asset provides a graphical representation of where the asset is in its lifecycle along with depreciation related information.

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Apptricity Asset communicates with barcode scanners, RFID readers, and mobile devices, allowing you to quickly and easily manage asset and inventory details, change locations, assignments and take inventory on the go.

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Apptricity Asset combines mobile inventory management and web-based asset tracking to create a single view of company owned goods. Users with proper permissions can receive inventory, move it around, adjust quantities and associate them with assets as needed.

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Apptricity Asset provides your organization with a CMMS system to streamline maintenance operations. Easily schedule tasks, track work orders, record asset history, control inventory and manage preventative maintenance care with one complete system.

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