Apptricity Attends RFID in Aerospace & Defense

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Tim Garcia

Tim Garcia, Apptricity CEO & President, at RFID in Aerospace & Defense

Last week, Apptricity attended the first annual RFID in Aerospace & Defense event in Long Beach, California. The event was to showcase providers and solutions to help attendees determine how to deploy RFID in their operations, in respect to the aerospace and defense sectors. Delta Airlines, the U.S. Air force, Northrop Grumman, and other sponsors attended to share their best practices for using RIFD technologies. Apptricity showcased a Case Study for Asset Management for Aerospace, technology and global security companies.

Tim Garcia, President & CEO, was a speaker for a solution provider session in which he addressed the Case Study for Asset Management in Aerospace.  Attendees for the event had the opportunity to meet with leading RFID companies exhibiting at the event, so that they can find the right technology to move forward with deployment.

Highlights of the speaking session include:

  • Aerospace and global security companies operating divisions for the U.S. Air Force, in which key functions of these facilities include tracking, lifecycle management, and license allocations for all IT equipment.
  • Automation, being a key highlight, stresses the importance of saving time and eliminating errors from manual keystrokes that could cause confusion or make asset information difficult to locate.
  • Long-term benefits of an Asset Management solution with integrated product suites that can deliver by supplying capabilities beyond asset tracking.

Apptricity Asset Management comes with an inventory module that provides critical inventory tracking capabilities – a focus for the facility in choosing an Asset Management solution. Beyond tracking lifecycle factors such as maintenance and depreciation, warranty coverage and theft prevention are also tracked and provides visibility and accountability that is essential to any organization. With Apptricity, State and Local Organizations respond faster to administrative demands, reduce costs and establish system-wide consistency – all while improving productivity.

For more information on Apptricity Asset Management, email us at or call at 214.596.0601.