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Apptricity Field Services played an integral role in a New Zealand market trial of an integrated platform intended to accelerate the installation of a nation-wide gigabit broadband network by increasing efficiencies and reducing costs.  The main challenge was that both the supply chain and the value chain fall apart in the field. The two-month trial utilized five Connected Services Vehicles and produced significant results, including:

  • Time and cost savings in the areas of inventory management, installation, service provisioning, and customer notification.  The solution’s advanced capabilities make field operations measurably more effective, efficient and profitable. shutterstock_3536063
  • Tool and inventory tracking.  Field Services integrates and streamlines asset, inventory and work order management for start-to-finish tracking and control across the value chain.  Tools on a service vehicle become tagged inventory items, which makes it easy to quickly determine whether or not a specific tool is in the vehicle when leaving a site.
  • Electronically automated forms.  With the help of RFID technology, anything that is removed from a CSV is instantaneously reflected on the technicians tablet or mobile device.   Warehouse managers and technicians like using an automated system because no paper trail is required.  Inventory tracking via spreadsheets and manual data entry is totally eliminated, reducing errors, shrinkage and waste.
  • Minimized number of trips and time to warehouse.  With a more efficient system, timing becomes more consistent, which makes predicting trips to and from the warehouse more accurate.
  • Simplified work order processing.  The solution makes it simple for you to track all details pertaining to requested services by automating the process.  Through automation you receive all the tools needed to keep employees organized and keep management informed.

These results can apply to any field service operation, not just that of a network provider. This solution concept is an excellent choice for organizations seeking dramatic improvements in their field service operations. To find out more about Apptricity Field Services, visit our website.

For more information on this New Zealand market trial, go to // and download the white paper.

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