Apptricity Government Services (AGS), a division of Apptricity Corporation, is a global provider of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) mobile enterprise software applications for Supply and Spend Modernization

Since 2004, AGS has successfully provided Mobile Enterprise Software Applications in Supply Chain Execution and Spend Management to Federal, State, and Local government agencies. AGS clients include some of the largest government agencies such as: Department of Defense, United States Judicial Branch, United States Air Force, and United States Army. AGS is a General Services Administration (GSA) approved vendor and government agencies can view and purchase solutions through the GSA Advantage! Portal.

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All of Apptricity’s applications are built on an advanced service-oriented architecture (SOA) framework. Apptricity applications can be rapidly configured and deployed based on your business requirements. Apptricity’s SOA framework guarantees a low cost, non-resource intensive implementation, configuration, deployment and maintenance. By implementing a SOA technology platform, Apptricity has succeeded in delivering highly scalable enterprise application technology and best practices configuration, which complement, extend and/or replace legacy systems meeting your modernization initiatives.

As organizations seek to further automate their significant application and infrastructure investments and adopt commercial best practices, Apptricity provides the roadmap and software applications that allow its customers to achieve their end goals incrementally and enterprise wide.

Federal, Defense and National Security

State and Local Services

Additional AGS Features

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Apptricity’s Service Oriented Architecture framework guarantees a low cost, non-resource intensive implementation, configuration, deployment and maintenance to help your modernization objectives.

Primary NAICS Codes, Product Lines & Descriptions

  • 423430 | Computer, Peripheral Equipment and Software Merchant Wholesalers
  • 511210 | Software Publishers
  • 518210 | Data Processing, Hosting and Related Services
  • 541511 | Custom Computer Programming Services
  • 541512 | Computer Systems Design Services
  • 541614 | Process, Physical Distribution, and Logistics Consulting Services
  • 541618 | Other Management Consulting Services

  • 35050 | Customer computer application design and development services
  • 35052 | Database design and development services
  • 35053 | Customization and integration of cross-industry application software
  • 35054 | Customization and integration of vertical market application software
  • 35055 | Other custom application design and development services

  • Perpetual License
  • SaaS (Software as a Service)

  • AGS Products

    Apptricity Travel & Expense Travel & Expense

    Improve Your Bottom Line by Increasing Productivity and Reducing Costs

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    Apptricity Invoice Management Invoice Management

    Improve Visibility through Automated Invoice Processing and Reporting

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    Apptricity Procure-To-Pay Procure-To-Pay

    Take Charge of Procurement and Improve Accountability through Automation

    Learn More

    Apptricity Purchasing Purchasing

    Gain Complete Control with Integrated Purchasing and Invoicing

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    Apptricity Asset Management Asset Management

    Apptricity Asset is an end-to-end mobile enterprise asset management and tracking solution.

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    Apptricity Inventory Management Inventory Management

    Apptricity Inventory enables you to manage inventory across every worksite and location in your enterprise.

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    Apptricity Field Services Field Services

    Apptricity Field Services is a web-based mobile application platform that automates workorder, inventory and asset management.

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    Apptricity Warehouse Warehouse

    Apptricity Warehouse is a comprehensive solution, built to solve the age-old struggle of efficiently managing both your warehouse and your inventory.

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    Apptricity Work Order Work Order

    Apptricity Work Order is a comprehensive solution, automating your work order processing from start to finish, capturing all the details in between.

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    Apptricity CMMS System CMMS

    Apptricity Computerized Maintenance Management System manages your entire maintenance operation by tracking all your assets, inventory, scheduling and work order history; providing a complete end-to-end maintenance management software solution.

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    Additional AGS Features



    FedRAMP, SOC1, SOC2, SOC3 SSAE16 and ISO27001 certified hosting facilities for its applications.



    Extensive experience in enterprise-wide integration of multiple systems, including the integration of new applications and open systems with legacy application and infrastructure investments.



    Authority to operate server-based software solutions in classified (SIPRNet) and unclassified (NIPRNet) environments.



    Highly experienced professional services team with broad skill levels and deep subject matter knowledge as well as a proven Agile deployment methodology.



    Strong track record of successful deployments to Federal organizations such as the United States Department of Defense, US Army, US Air Force Army Corp of Engineers and NASA, as well as commercial enterprises such as Wal-Mart Stores, AT&T Inc., Bed Bath & Beyond, Huntington Ingalls, Cameron International Corporation, Goldman Sachs and Dominion Enterprises.

    Providing Supply and Spend Modernization Solutions for State and Local

    Streamline — Integrate — Automate — Modernize

    Apptricity commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) spend and supply chain modernization solutions provide State and Local Services with quick and inexpensive access to accurate financial and supply chain information delivering visibility that could mitigate loss of life or property. When partnered with Apptricity, State and Local Organizations can increase speed of response to administrative demands, cut costs and establish system-wide consistency with solutions that:

    • Increase visibility across multiple independent units
    • Enforce budgetary and policy compliance
    • Make EMS vehicles more intelligent by assuring critical equipment is onboard
    • Gain quick access to information for completing government contracts
    • Effectively manage the use of roadway and building assets
    • Streamline your accounts payable by electronically processing invoices and payments, improving your green initiatives by eliminating paper invoices
    • Track and locate every item in your inventory from the web or your smartphone
    • Control staff spending and increase ROI
    • Integrate with any ERP or legacy system, application server, OS or web browser

    Apptricity offers mobile applications, advanced configurability and reporting, top-notch support, and the choice of SaaS or on-premise deployment.

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    Machine-to-Machine Visibility: Field Services EMS manages your asset, inventory and work order/dispatch management from start-to-finish tracking and control

    Provide 360-degree Total Asset Visibility and Control 24/7 for Federal and National Defense

    Streamline — Integrate — Automate

    Streamline your operational processes with Apptricity Federal Solutions. Our solutions quickly integrate with different legacy systems and are in compliance with the federal government's Enterprise Architecture Initiative for Modernization. Apptricity Federal Solutions can be deployed in a FedRAMP or Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program certified environment. Federal and National Defense government agencies can view and purchase solutions through the GSA Advantage! Portal.

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    Deployment Ready with 360-degree Total Asset Visibility and Control 24/7

    The environment of National Security is fluid requiring a high degree of asset availability and just-in-time delivery. Apptricity National Security Solutions provide total asset visibility and control allowing fast reaction for the dynamic intelligence and National Security conditions.

    Whether it is Predator® drones for border security or RHIBs for drug interdiction, Apptricity Asset lets the operator know what is available and where it is located. Knowing the location and condition of field assets allows for rapid deployment.

    The equipment employed by government agencies require preventative and corrective maintenance. Apptricity Work Order is the solution to manage these maintenance activities. Work Order ensures the parts, tools, and talents are in place to keep your equipment fully operational.

    Apptricity Warehouse supports the ability to order, house, control, and manage equipment and consumables in depot-style locations for distribution. Warehouse manages receipt and staging of bulk purchases from IDIQ contracts and helps reduce loss due to shelf-life issues.

    When field stations need to restock items consumed during operations, Apptricity Procure-to-Pay is the means to requisition materials. Procure-to-Pay provides end-to-end oversight from depot to domestic or overseas stations.

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    Since 2007, the U.S. Army has trusted Apptricity in Theater Operations for logistics and operations globally for asset accountability, visibility and readiness to meet their critical mission requirements.

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