Value of Green: Cost Savings, Dramatic Efficiencies, Environmental Impact

With all the pressures and incentives your organization has to "go green" today, it's time to turn the green initiative into a business opportunity! Our solutions lead to highly efficient work environments and processes. Targeted business functions can become as paperless as you wish while you automate to reduce processing times, human error, communication problems and headaches. You can also optimize your computing resources. Apptricity helps you save time and money long-term by going green.

Evaluate Critical Areas

Addressing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions means taking stock of your company’s carbon footprint. This includes evaluating your entire enterprise in terms of products and services, purchased electricity, employee travel, waste management and so on. At Apptricity, we believe that implementing just one automated solution can reduce emissions. The double benefit of automation delivers dramatic business results.

Go Green and Save Green

  • Optimize field services: Wireless devices and real-time data transmissions do more than reduce fuel mileage, fuel expenses and emissions. They also improve fleet efficiencies. Our ground-breaking machine-to-machine (M2M) solution, Apptricity Field Services (formerly Smartfleet), was featured in a Green Fleet Magazine article for making service vehicles more efficient while improving sustainability.
  • Eliminate paper-based manual invoicing: Paperless business processes are environmentally beneficial. They also vastly improve efficiency and accuracy. Automated solutions like Apptricity Procure-to-Pay and Apptricity Invoice let you determine how paperless your organization will go.
  • Address indirect emissions caused by travel: High-altitude emissions have a significant environmental impact and direct flights use less fuel than flights with layovers. Apptricity Travel and Expense tracks business travel distances by air, train or car and provides built-in reporting tools for calculating the resulting carbon footprint. Travel and Expense makes it easier to arrange flights and monitor corporate travel. The solution also saves administrative time by streamlining expense reporting for all kinds of business expenses.
  • Take action for a green supply chain: Many companies in your supply chain are facing the effects of climate change and addressing GHG emissions. Our blog contains valuable information on taking your business green, along with examples of other companies that are doing the same thing.
  • Eliminate data center inefficiencies: Deploying an Apptricity solution as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) implementation maximizes your computing efficiencies so your organization’s computing capacity does not exceed your need. No longer will you consume electricity to run specific computers or require air conditioning to keep them cool. Removing this hidden operating expense will result in dramatic savings. Simultaneously, you will also achieve a reduction in GHG emissions within the first year.

As pressure increases to go green, Apptricity will continue to innovate to benefit you and the environment.

Let us be a long-term partner in your success. We will provide you with the tools necessary to effectively automate your processes and strengthen your green initiatives.

By implementing automated Spend Management and Supply Chain Execution solutions, businesses can save time, money and energy while helping the environment.

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