Apptricity Launches New Mobile Application

New application for iOS and Android provides end-to-end asset management solution in the field.

Irving, TX (May. 18, 2020) – Apptricity is pleased to announce the launch of their new mobile application, “Apptricity Mobile Asset Tracking.” This new application, the first in the Asset Tracking industry, combines barcode, Bluetooth and RFID scanning within a mobile platform. Apptricity combined the best features of Apptricity RFID Mobile and Apptricity Pinpoint and integrated those features with more RFID guns providing the end-user an enhanced user experience and freedom to choose the hardware that best serves their asset tracking needs.

“Our new mobile platform is the next generation in mobile tracking. Our solution allows a user with the option to track assets or inventory using barcode, RFID or Bluetooth utilizing one mobile application,” says Tim Garcia, CEO of Apptricity.

Available for both iOS and Android, the new application is full of features such as:

  • Location auditing to confirm an asset is at a specific location
  • “Hot/Cold” reading of assets with Bluetooth tags telling the user how close or far away they are from the asset
  • Asset movement tracking by setting up Bluetooth tags to represent an asset or zone/location. This allows for asset movement to be automated when tags are scanned next to location tags
  • RFID gun integration comes standard for Zebra and Alien guns, both standalone and Bluetooth-connected providing the end user the freedom to choose
  • The ability to mix and match tagging technologies to fit the end user budget without changing applications
  • Audits and Bluetooth scans can be completed completely offline and then sent to the server when network connectivity is reestablished
  • Bluetooth scanning can be set to continue even when the application is running in the background, ensuring asset location tracking as often as needed (Android only)

“Our new application gives our end-users an end-to-end asset management solution when paired with IoT hardware devices and mobile software. With it, you can increase the visibility of your assets, where it’s located, maximize its lifespan and gain tracking knowledge,” says Garcia. “It’s a great blend of web and mobile technologies.”


About Apptricity

The leader in global real-time asset management, Apptricity provides continuous asset tracking and supply chain solutions with the most clear, accurate, and dependable asset monitoring and data intelligence available. We place our clients at the center of all we do, providing them with uninterrupted access to mission critical information in real time.

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