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Addressing Critical Roles in Your Organization:
Our courses pinpoint your needs across employee job roles. Administrative classes are for power users, key decision-makers, information technology (IT) personnel and application administrators. These classes focus on functional areas from a support perspective as well as product customizations. End-user classes are geared toward general business leaders, trainers and end users and focus on regular business use. Functional classes are suitable for train-the-trainer education or for rolling out a solution to end users company-wide.

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Customized e-Learning Offerings:
One way to ensure consistent training for all your new users over the years, is to have a customized interactive online course. Our custom e-learning programs quickly train new employees on standard end-user functionality and help experienced users become adept at using new features. This type of training can also be a valuable refresher as roles and jobs change.

With e-learning, students can go at their own pace and revisit courses when needed. You determine your own timeline for training delivery. By snapping the courses into your Learning Management System, you can easily track students’ progress as well as their certification testing results.

Apptricity University: Optimizing Value by Educating Your Users

To help your organization achieve the greatest value from our innovative solutions, we encourage you to take advantage of our professional, instructor-led training and customized e-learning offerings, through Apptricity University. Our certification training — complete with hands-on activities and practical scenarios — boosts user understanding and adoption, assists with change management and helps mitigate integration fatigue. Quickly gain educated, adept users and efficient application administrators.

2015 was another productive year for education. In addition to keeping all our classes up-to-date with the latest product enhancements, we also added an extra day to our most popular administration class, providing more hands-on practice and in-depth knowledge covering major new features. As usual, students in every class received valuable takeaways, experienced multiple “aha!” learning moments and even enjoyed themselves while doing it. According to one student, “This was a great training. It helps to know how things work on the user side.” “Outstanding!” stated another student. Yet another student commented that the instructor was “knowledgeable and effective at conveying concepts and ideas not easily grasped by many.”

Most Popular Courses in 2015

Expense Management, which provides administrative and functional training for Apptricity Travel and Expense, was the favorite in 2015. This three-day course gave students hands-on activities and real-life scenarios while they learned how to support the application, including functional workflows, setup and maintenance of business rules, adjusting screens and menus, setting up logical infrastructure for user roles/permissions, performing standard imports/exports and much more.

Another very popular class was Asset Management. This two-day course allowed students to understand and use all the parts of the Apptricity Asset application, including learning how to administer screens and setup underlying data. Among other things, hands-on activities walked them through various searches to locate and update assets, importing assets, mass adding/assigning assets, associating inventory, using scanning/RFID, integrating work orders, adjusting menus and forms, setting up keyword and viewing/running automated tasks.

Training to Suit Your Purpose

We understand that every organization is unique. That’s why we take the time to understand your company’s objectives and your employees’ training needs. We will work with you to create a complete training plan, clearly defining all the paths needed to achieve the goals of the various stakeholders in your organization. To that end, we provide instructor-led training at our headquarters in Irving, Texas, or on site at your location, so we are flexible to handle your needs.

We understand the importance of change management, not only when transitioning to a new system company-wide but also when bringing new users on board. We offer a variety of classes to address your needs during implementation, before/after go-live and anytime your staff or business needs change:

  • Functional and Administrative Classes: At the start of your project, administrators and super users learn the solution’s capabilities so they can start to understand how the new features/functions will impact their users. Students learn to make appropriate business decisions effecting the solution, modify screens and workflows, establish business rules that reflect or enhance current processes, and understand available options. Learning to customize the application on your own provides long-term value and dramatically decreases outside costs for minor business changes.
  • Train-the-Trainer End User Functional Classes: If you have your own training staff, this class will train your teachers how to effectively communicate functional learning of the solution. Once they understand the basics, they can customize the training and create plans for the go-live rollout. Ideally, trainers should conduct end-user classes just prior to deployment and provide additional classes as rollout continues and afterward for new users.
  • End User Functional Classes: Whether they are new to the application or just new to your company, we teach end users the functionality and flow of the solution. Depending on your needs, these classes can be customized, interactive e-learning solutions or hands-on classroom sessions.
  • Apptricity Professional Reporting Training Class: Apptricity Professional Reporting is an optional module that can be added to any Apptricity solution. In this class, students learn how to use this powerful business intelligence tool to create specialized reports, dashboards and graphs, using any data needed. Once created, reports can be used by anyone within the company, including automatically generating and sending reports at scheduled times.

Effective, Flexible and Worthwhile Education

Although our solutions are intuitive for end users, we encourage them to participate in training to learn best practices and understand how to use a system properly. Understanding features and implementing customizations helps employees maximize the power of a solution. Even experienced users taking a class for the first time are impressed with what a solution can do to multiply their efficiencies.

Classes are engaging and interactive. During each course, we periodically administer a written test or activity to verify that each student mastered a particular topic and received the desired takeaways. A cumulative score of 75 percent or better results in certification.

Training makes your employees’ jobs easier, saves time and adds to the value of your Apptricity solution. Whether you choose classroom training or e-learning, we collaborate with you to develop an ideal plan for your organization. We’re happy to provide specialized training on request outside the standard classes offered each quarter. Please be sure to visit Apptricity University on our website or call us at 214.596.0601.

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