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We have empowered numerous new and existing clients in 2015.

Case Studies: Empowering Clients in 2015

At Apptricity, we take great pride in addressing critical issues and business needs with automated, integrated solutions. We have empowered numerous new and existing clients in 2015. The following case studies describe just a few of our successes.

Lone Star Transforms Field Services and Billing, Projecting a 12-Month ROI

An existing client, Lone Star Instrumentation & Electric Corporation struggled with handwritten worksheets, manual processing and inadequate technology for its field services and billing operations. The company lacked automation, mobile data entry, timely billing and other essentials for growth. Find out why Ronnie Hobbs, Lone Star’s president and CEO, projected a 12-month return on investment (ROI) on the automated work order management solution Apptricity implemented.

National Travel Automates Travel and Expense Management for a Prominent U.S. Government Client

A new client, National Travel, one of the top-ranking U.S. travel management companies, needed an integrated expense management system for a large U.S. government client. Learn how Apptricity helped transition the client from spreadsheet-based travel requests and approvals to an efficient, streamlined solution. This new system automates the full spectrum of travel and expense processing, putting travel requests, trip planning and booking, expense report submittals, and expense approvals at travelers’ fingertips — even on the go via a mobile app.

Major Aerospace and Global Security Company Achieves 360-Degree Asset Management Visibility

Manual asset tracking was consuming excessive amounts of time and resources for one of the world’s leading aerospace and global security companies. One facility tracked more than 3,000 assets with spreadsheets, maintaining audit trails and documenting each item’s full lifecycle manually. Find out how this company transformed a laborious nightmare into a streamlined asset management system where personnel can add assets via radio frequency identification (RFID) and use a portal to view all assets and their current locations, records and lifecycle stages.

TD Auto Finance Gains Travel and Expense Management Transparency while Leveraging both Desktop and Mobile Access

When TD Auto Finance®, an existing client, lost access to a legacy system used for expense management, manual reporting and paper shuffling became an exhausting, labor-intensive struggle for accounts payable (AP). A lack of visibility and accountability was inevitable. Discover how the company’s new system eclipsed manual processing by providing complete travel and expense management transparency, increasing accuracy, eliminating wasted effort, providing mobile expense reporting, enabling expense monitoring and much more .

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