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Together, our Spend Management and Supply Chain Management solution suites provide a selection of comprehensive, customizable and automated solutions to further your organization’s success.

New Product Names—Same Robust Solutions

Did you know we renamed our solutions in 2015? A number of solutions come with options you can choose as enhancements. Some solutions also come as bundles.

Our Apptricity Financial Management solution group is now called the Apptricity Spend Management solution suite. The solutions include Apptricity Travel and Expense, Apptricity Invoice, Apptricity Purchasing and Apptricity Procure-to-Pay. The Apptricity Supply Chain Management solution suite is now Apptricity Supply Chain Execution and now includes Apptricity Asset, Apptricity Inventory, Apptricity Field Services, Apptricity Warehouse and Apptricity Work Order. Together, our Spend Management and Supply Chain Execution solution suites provide a selection of comprehensive, customizable and automated solutions to further your organization’s success.

Spend Management: Establishing Spending Visibility

Enterprise-wide spending visibility is critical for every competitive organization today. Mobile capabilities are essential as well. Our Spend Management solution suite brings efficiency to your organization’s expense control, financial reporting, invoicing and procurement operations while supporting regulatory compliance. Cost-effective and automated, our solutions help maximize your efficiencies by streamlining core functions and eliminating cumbersome manual processes.

Apptricity Travel and Expense: Formerly known as Apptricity Expense Management, Apptricity Travel and Expense provides comprehensive tracking and reporting for all types of business expenses. Your on-the-go employees can even submit travel expense reports using virtually any mobile device. A Purchasing Card (P-Card) option is available with Apptricity Travel and Expense to enable you to consolidate all your company’s P-Card activities.

Apptricity Invoice: Formerly Apptricity Invoice Management, Apptricity Invoice provides rapid, automated invoice processing complete with analytics and reporting. The cost savings and visibility improvements are dramatic with this solution. We also offer a Supplier Portal option to complement Apptricity Invoice that bridges the gap between your organization and suppliers.

Apptricity Purchasing: Formerly known as Apptricity Requisition and Order Management, Apptricity Purchasing gives you automated, end-to-end control of your procurement stream from order to fulfillment. Our Catalog option provides spending insight while streamlining and organizing purchases from Web-based catalogs. We also offer a Buyer Portal option with electronic marketplace capabilities.

Apptricity Procure-to-Pay: A bundled solution, Apptricity Procure-to-Pay provides integrated processing for invoicing and purchasing along with warehouse management features if needed. The system automatically includes all the functionality of Apptricity Invoice and all the functionality of Apptricity Purchasing — including both the Catalog and Buyer Portal options — as well as warehouse management capabilities if your organization chooses to use them.

Supply Chain Execution: Automating Supply Chain Operations with an IoT M2M Solution

Today’s supply chain requires automation to be optimally effective. The Apptricity Supply Chain Execution solution suite drives situational awareness and empowers you to effectively manage complex supply chain operations. Our fully automated mobile supply chain solutions encompass asset tracking, inventory management, work order processing, warehouse management and more. With a flexible business rules engine and the ability to customize all fields, screens and menus, we accommodate the needs of organizations of any size.

Apptricity Asset: Formerly known as Apptricity Asset Management, Apptricity Asset provides automated, enterprise-wide tracking, maintenance and valuation for all assets, including tools, equipment and products. Integrated radio frequency identification (RFID) enables asset tracking from any geographical location, and barcode scanning is also available. Apptricity Asset is available in Standard, Professional and Enterprise editions.

Apptricity Inventory: Formerly Apptricity Inventory Management, Apptricity Inventory gives you comprehensive, 360-degree inventory visibility and reporting across multiple sites. Our automated system supplies stock quantity, location, shelf-life and expiration information to help ensure timely inventory replenishment according to your threshold limits.

Apptricity Field Services: Formerly known as Apptricity SmartFleet Field Services, Apptricity Field Services brings enterprise-level automation and warehouse capabilities to the field by providing seamless integration and tracking for work orders, assets and inventory. This groundbreaking mobile system empowers service technicians, reduces excessive service calls, optimizes driving routes and ensures that “lost” tools and equipment are no longer an issue. A bundled solution, Apptricity Field Services includes Apptricity Asset, Apptricity Inventory and Apptricity Work Order.

Apptricity Warehouse: Formerly Apptricity Warehouse Management, Apptricity Warehouse gives you complete oversight of your warehouse operations, spanning everything from inbound goods tracking to accelerated shipments. This easy-to-use solution drives significant process improvements, multiplies warehouse efficiencies, saves money due to lost revenue and reduces customer turnaround times.

Apptricity Work Order: Formerly known as Apptricity Work Order Management, Apptricity Work Order supplies automated, start-to-finish tracking and control of all work order processes. The system streamlines and automates service request completion, eliminating paperwork, enforcing accountability, ensuring timely work order completion, helping you keep costs within budget and much more.

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