Gain Complete Procure-to-Pay Control

Procurement inefficiencies and manual processes waste time and money. Controlling the process will immediately show ROI as users will bypass difficult-to-use systems — wasting even more time and investment. Apptricity Procure-to-Pay automates your entire purchasing and invoicing process in one easy-to-use system that is fully integrated with your ERP and legacy systems.

From goods and services requisitioning — including an integrated catalog — to automated invoice management and payments, you gain complete control of your procurement stream and payments in a system that your employees actually will use.

Gain efficiency, visibility, and control.

Gain Complete Procure-to-Pay Control with Integrated Purchasing and Invoicing

Apptricity Procure-To-Pay Benefits

Product-card-okSeamless User Experiencechevron-down

Users enjoy an easy-to-use, uniform point-and-click experience throughout the P2P cycle – from requisition to purchase order to invoice to payment.

Product-card-okFlexible Deploymentchevron-down

Deployable on premise or via SaaS, Apptricity Procure-to-Pay meets your IT needs. Apptricity can rapidly customize, configure and deploy either option for a quick ROI.

Product-card-okERP Integrationchevron-down

All Apptricity solutions integrate easily and quickly with your legacy AP and ERP systems, improving their reporting, usability and performance without stranded investment.

Product-card-okCustomize to Your Processeschevron-down

We customize to your corporate processes while you use only the Apptricity modules that you need. Deploy quickly – without reinventing your organization.

Product-card-okEfficient Collaborationchevron-down

Our Supplier Portal enables suppliers to connect and collaborate with you more effectively and efficiently, enabling faster catalog updates and better analysis. Better reporting with faster insight and control over procurement are clear benefits Apptricity Procure-to-Pay provides to your bottom line.

Product-card-okImproved Accuracychevron-down

Apptricity Procure-to-Pay replaces manual efforts and inefficient systems so you save time, reduce errors, and gain quicker, more accurate financial statements and forecasts.

Product-card-okIncrease Sourcing Valuechevron-down

Maximize sourcing negotiations and ROI with in-depth reports, analyses and KPIs. Quickly implement negotiated discounts and drive purchases from contracted vendors.

Product-card-okReduced Costs and Riskschevron-down

Greater procurement efficiency helps lower operations costs – and you minimize the risks of vendor overcharge, maverick buying from non-contract vendors and forgotten vendor discounts.

Apptricity Procure-To-Pay Resources

Apptricity Procure-To-Pay Features

Product-card-okApptricity Purchasingchevron-down

Ordering from Suppliers becomes quick and easy for users while configurable rules identify approved vendors and minimize off-contract spending.

Product-card-okApptricity Invoicechevron-down

Automate while gaining greater control and financial visibility. From invoice creation through settlement, streamline processes and dramatically reduce processing costs.

Product-card-okCustomized For Youchevron-down

Apptricity’s common service-oriented architecture (SOA) lets us rapidly customize your deployment to your systems and processes. You get only what you want and need.

Product-card-okSupplier Portalchevron-down

Enabling vendors to directly connect and collaborate with you and your systems helps accelerate part and pricing updates, increasing cost savings and avoiding purchases off-system.

Product-card-okBuyer Portalchevron-down

Users buy from approved vendors when the process is easy and painless. The buyer portal offers simple point, click and drag convenience while steering users toward preferred vendors.

Product-card-okSupply Chain Optionschevron-down

Apptricity Procure-to-Pay also integrates seamlessly with Apptricity Warehouse and our other Supply Chain products, linking procurement with fulfillment and inventory management.

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