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New Customer Training

As part of every new software implementation, Apptricity offers both user and administrator training for members of your organization to learn the Apptricity software. Contact us to schedule a time for an in-person or digital training session for your users. 


Existing Customer Training

Apptricity offers additional training sessions for both user and administration, outside of what is included in your software implementation. Contact us to schedule a time for an in-person or digital training session for your users. 


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What is the duration of the training program?

Typically the implementation training is 2 days morning and afternoon sessions, and ongoing sessions are typically half a day.

How much does the training cost?

In most cases, the cost of your training is associated with your contract. For ongoing support, please fill out the form below and our team can get back to you with further information.

What is the format of the training (e.g., in-person, online, hybrid)?

We have multiple training formats including on-site, and remote to accommodate your business needs.

Are there any interactive components or exercises during the training?

Yes, there is an interactive section in the training so that your team can get hands-on training on how to navigate the software.

How do I enroll in the training program?

You can fill out the contact us form below and a customer service representative will be in touch with you.

Can I access the training materials after the program is finished?

Yes, copies of training materials are provided to users after the session.

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