Apptricity’s Enterprise Asset Management Software is designed as a System of Operation (SoO) solution that enables clients the ability to track assets from 0 to 23 miles in real-time.

Utilizing Apptricity’s patented Bluetooth IoT devices, we are instantly delivering real-time information on the status, location, service schedule history, and custodianship (who has it).

Our SoO solution is a paradigm shift from legacy ERP solutions that only deliver an antiquated system of record (SOR) process. What’s the difference?

A system of record is what it implies, a system of storing assets strictly for depreciation purposes.

Apptricity Asset System of Operations (SoO) solution is different. The application IS the system of operation and the system visibility . Apptricity provides instant visibility into the location and status of every asset under your management. It is a comprehensive smart system that works nearly autonomously out-of-the-box with full analytics and AI integration based on your use case(s).

Apptricity SoO is a vastly superior solution with configurable attributes that allow you to configure the solution to provide the decision support you need to do your job.

In fact, not only will you get real-time visibility, but a real-time view of all assets globally. Additional assets and operational data can be viewed across all departments and locations. Permissions are also installed at the user level to protect user-defined sensitive asset information.

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Apptricity’s Asset System of Operations solution has integration connectors into all the major ERP providers.

Out-of-the-box real-time views in Apptricity’s Asset System of Operation (SoO) solution include:

  • Current Location
  • Historical Location Data
  • Custodian of Asset
  • Movement of Asset
  • Allocation of Asset
  • Service Records of Asset
  • Warranty Information
  • User Guides
  • Schedule Maintenance Appointments
  • Useful Life Remaining
  • Capital Equipment Depreciation
  • Work Order
  • Quantity on Hand
  • Status of Assets (Available, In-Repair, Allocated, Expired, Shelf Life, etc.)

Apptricity provides global supply chain execution software to some of the most well-known government and commercial institutions in the industry today. Apptricity is a single source provider of IoT Operations, IoT Devices, Asset Visibility, Asset Tracking, Asset Management, and real-time supply chain execution solutions.

Some of Apptricity’s clients and partners include:

  • United States Army
  • United States Air Force Special Operations
  • AT&T
  • Lockheed
  • Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department
  • San Bernardino County Public Health
  • Verizon
  • Nestle
  • Brinks
  • Travis County EMS

Apptricity was the Silver Sponsor for this year’s RFID Journal Live Conference (May 17-19) in Las Vegas showcasing its Twenty-Three (23) Mile Bluetooth Technology.  

Our CEO, Tim Garcia, was able to lead a fascinating discussion on, “Emerging Supply Chain IoT Edge Technologies”

Wednesday: 5/18/2022      Time: 2:30 PM – 2:50 PM

Mandalay Bay Hotel Conference Center

Conference Room: “Tradewinds E”

There we showcased Apptricity’s RFID Solutions Suite and 23-mile Bluetooth capability. Explore our unique processes and integrations which in turn means real-time, total transparency, efficiency, and cost savings.

Apptricity has been a long-trusted US Department of Defense contractor for over 18 years! There is a certain pride and honor that comes with helping our government access mission-critical equipment and supplies in real-time with 360-degree transparency.

Apptricity’s government solutions information can be found here.

Industry asset management systems are leading to success via multiple functions. Apptricity provides asset visibility solutions that can be fully customized and fully compatible with 58 different ERP systems. Apptricity is your System of Operation (SoO). Schedule a demo here!

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