Asset Tracking Solutions Increase ROI with Predictive Maintenance

A factory worker uses IoT to track maintenance for the company's expensive machinery.

The IoT (Internet of Things) experts at Apptricity, deliver a System of Operations (SoO) to clients providing real-time information, data capture, metric insights, and pointed action for valuable company assets and equipment.

The manufacturing and supply chain landscape has taken a beating in recent times. The pandemic, global conflict, energy economics, and logistical supply chain disruptions are all contributing issues to an ecosystem of fragility. The issues know no boundary and influence every piece of capital equipment regardless of the business vertical. Enter IoT solutions in preventive and predictive maintenance.

What is preventive maintenance? Think of preventive maintenance like changing your vehicle’s oil at a certain distance milestone or time interval. There may be no signs at all that an oil change is needed. However, manufacturers have studied data long enough to know how often each vehicle needs this type of maintenance. These types of services can be scheduled and planned for minimal impact on staffing, production, and operations.

Predictive maintenance is more complex. The daily struggle in manufacturing is very real. Think about the efficiencies of scale required to produce a vehicle, complex product, or technical component. Everything is contingent upon staying operational. The employees staffing the projects rely on safe and available assembly line machinery, factory equipment, construction equipment, and agricultural machinery. Predictive maintenance utilizes data sets to minimize interruption of workflows. Essentially, the metrics show forthcoming areas of concern so parts can be ordered, or services can be scheduled prior to needing emergent service.

The goals are cost-efficiency, time-efficiency, and an accurate estimation of every asset’s remaining “usable life”.

Where can this kind of IoT solution be applied? Can it help my business find efficiencies?

Apptricity fields these types of questions every day and provides solutions for businesses of all sizes. They are experts in IoT and provide a System of Operations (SoO) for clients to find maximum efficiencies managing capital equipment and corporate assets.

They’ve helped so many clients achieve a positive ROI in so many different business segments. We created a list of informational links here:

·  Government

·  Telecommunication

·  Healthcare

·  Construction

·  Energy

·  Manufacturing/Supply Chain

·  Transportation

Apptricity understands why it’s important to have total real-time access and control of information for every asset, no matter the location. From purchase to retirement, Apptricity supplies far more data variety than antique systems of record. The data and metrics of warranty information, usage hours, and maintenance history maximize the lifespan of the assets. The benefit of the application is taking complex data and streamlining it into a user-friendly SoO (System of Operations).

How does this type of IoT technology translate into actual ROI and efficiencies for businesses and what kind of equipment would be good candidates for this type of IoT?

Efficiency examples:

·  Time and money savings

·  Reduction of damage

·  Critical information maintained

·  A single source of reference for the entire project

·  Better consistency across production lots

·  Deadlines hit with reduction of unplanned downtime

Equipment examples:

·  Expensive capital equipment

·  Healthcare capital equipment and surgical devices

·  Construction assets

·  Assembly line machinery

·  Production line tools

·  Manufacturing equipment

·  Food preparation equipment

·  Agricultural machinery and vehicles

Apptricity EAM provides out-of-the-box reports that can be generated automatically and shared with selected users. Professional reporting allows users to generate custom reports for any asset data in any business location, even if allocated for usage off-site. This real-time analytics and reporting component lets clients identify and pinpoint problematic areas in real-time. Additionally, service calls, part orders, delivery, and work orders can be automated and launched from the application.

Real-time access is provided to confirm detailed analytics for maintenance repair operations (MRO), product warranties, lifecycle management, incident reports (with associated costs), maintenance schedules, department allocations, and location services. Advanced features also deliver functionality for geofencing, zonal tracking, custodial ownership, vehicle telematics and asset depreciation.

Apptricity’s EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) software provides total visibility and control across the lifecycle of every asset. The unified platform seamlessly integrates with your existing systems or works as a standalone SoO (System of Operations).

Apptricity is a well-known IoT industry leader providing the ability to integrate into almost 60 ERP providers including SAP, ORACLE, IBM, Microsoft, Workday, Epicor, and Geac Enterprise Solutions. Businesses need functionality with scalable capabilities to cover anything from modest operations to military-sized projects. Contact Apptricity here. They can help any-sized business solve the most important issues with IoT technology.

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