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Halloween can be a scary time, especially for Supply Chain professionals. Imagine the amount of candy, costumes and decorations that have to be tracked and transported from warehouses to customers each year.  According to a 2015 survey from the National Retail Federation, more than 157 million Americans will be celebrating Halloween this year, equating to approximately $6.9 billions dollars spent on candy, costumes and decor.  That is a daunting task for suppliers, and an impossible task for those still using a manual Supply Chain management system.

With an automated Supply Chain Management solution,  suppliers can easily:Halloween Blog Image

  • Manage the inventory of bulk items, such as crates of candy, by using an Asset management solution that can be supported by advanced technology like RFID.
  • Benefit from at-a-glance visibility while tracking your Inventory – products, parts on hand, supplies and materials, such as Halloween costumes.
  • Streamline your picking and shipping process from the Warehouse, ensuring that those Halloween decorations make it to stores and customers in time for October 31st.
  • Schedule and assign Work Orders from your mobile device to ensure you have an organized system in place by the time Black Friday rolls around.

So have no fear… It is easy to break the Supply Chain curse with automation. The recipe for the spell is simple: visit our website or reach out to to schedule a demo today.

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