CEO of Apptricity, an RFID Journal Live Conference Sponsor, reviews the latest in IoT for Supply Chain Management

A leader in Internet of Things (IoT) technology, the Apptricity Team and CEO Tim Garcia showcase their enterprise asset and inventory management solutions. Apptricity’s System of Operation (SoO) continues to solve the most detrimental problems in real time, with total visibility via GPS, 23-Mile Bluetooth, and RFID.

Q: Good Afternoon, welcome Tim Garcia, CEO of Apptricity, thank you for the time today. There are many interested in your takeaways after from sponsoring the RFID Journal Live Conference, but first could you give a fast description of what solutions Apptricity provides?

A: Thanks for having me. In a nutshell, Apptricity provides a comprehensive the SoO (System of Operations) for any company looking to track and manage important assets and inventory, all in real-time. Where most systems provide basic information at the 30,000-foot level, we deliver a system that gives you the important information such as location, usage, quantity, and condition, necessary for day-to-day operations. Our solutions can act as a system of record, or feed data into existing systems you may already have in place.

Q: Apptricity was a sponsor of the conference this year and you were resonating well and hitting home with the RFID community during your discussion, “Emerging Supply Chain IoT Edge Technologies”.

A: Yes! We had a really great group of new and old friends visit us, and we are learning that our SoO (System of Operation) is providing the deepest visibility in real time for our asset and inventory management projects. We continue to hear keep hearing that our SoO is not “just another GPS” driven application, and they are exactly right.   

Q: Could you explain what they mean by another GPS App?

A: Sure. Asset and inventory management is about far more than just identifying, following, and picking out objects on a map. Location data is just one of many factors you need to keep track of when managing important assets and inventory items. Information such as shelf-life, expiration dates, useful life, and warranty dates make up a large part of the data people need to have immediate access to make informed decisions. Knowing the location of an asset or inventory item is the first step, but is it in working condition? Do I have enough stock? Are these items about to expire? These are the questions that supply chain managers need answered to properly manage their supply chain.  

Q: I understand you were asked about CMMS software integration? I assume “smart maintenance” is a growing area of IoT?

A: Absolutely! CMMS software integration and implementation is top of mind for the people in charge of capital equipment, machinery, healthcare equipment, building maintenance, inspections, repairs, wear and tear intervals, useful life remaining, and government mandated safety checks to name some. We not only integrate but can run as a standalone application to solve CMMS issues. There is no reason to have to utilize 3 or 4 different broken systems.

Q: Your company and teamwork with government agencies like the US Army and US Air Force regularly. Could you tell us a quick government use case and why the military chose Apptricity?

A: We have been working with the US Army since 2004, tracking any materials that move across military theaters. We have maintained a strong relationship with the US Army for over 18 years because our solution is quick to deploy, easy to configure, and certified to run in high-security cloud environments used by the various branches of the US Military.

Q: Are Apptricity’s solutions only suited for government agencies and giant corporations?

A: Great question, the short answer is no. We have solutions that account for various budgets and company sizes. We support all tag technologies ranging from barcode all the way up to satellite tracking. Our system can also be configured to focus on focus in on the features and workflows that matter to your business. We have worked with many organizations that have grown in their operations and utilized more of the system as they grew.

Q: What are Apptricity’s most popular client verticals?

A: We see interest from every vertical. Industry and Enterprise. Healthcare and Construction. Government Agencies. Logistics and Energy. Retail is really starting to catch on to IoT as well.

Q: We have been following supply chain news closely since the pandemic made it an issue. Do you think IoT technology can prevent inventory issues like the current baby formula shortage from occurring?

A: Yes! I know it can. Having accurate data about quantities and locations of shipments is the first of many steps to preventing out of stock issues. Reliance on manual processes is error-prone, causing problems that grow exponentially as they move down the supply chain. A small miscalculation or missing shipment at the top of the supply chain can disrupt everything downstream. Companies lose up to 12% of potential revenue due to out-of-stock issues, all of which can be prevented with an automated system.

Q: Tim, what should people think of when they hear IoT?

A: Apptricity! We utilize IoT technology to its fullest extent to solve some of the biggest problems in today’s supply chain. We have solutions to many of the longstanding problems that people face daily.

It’s the right time for solutions to these problems with a single source SoO.

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