Connected vehicles are here! Wait, are they better drivers than us?

Self-driving automobiles are just the hood ornaments in the modern world of connected vehicles. We examine real excitement about blooming functionality and truly useful interaction.

Hey Elon, we are aware it powers by electric charge, and it drives us places. Pretty cool! So, what’s next? (earthly vehicles only sir, we have no intergalactic fleet).

There has been no historical shortage of bated breath when Elon Musk announces a new technological wonderment. His teams have mastered electric vehicle design, engineering, and IoT system integration. Where do we go from here? The answer usually circles back to conversations about the expanded usage and access provided by the Internet of Things (Iot). Modern human society is predominantly ready for the next iteration of technological advancements. It is fair to say some of our human counterparts still fear an uprising from thermostats, floor vacuums, coffee makers and any other “smart device”. Most of us understand the efficiencies artificial intelligence (AI) affords us by asset to asset (thing to thing) interfaces, location tracking, information storage, and communication. Volkswagen is already flexing its IoT muscles with a new manufacturing facility in Germany. They will soon enable their autonomous vehicle offerings with an expanded functionality set that impresses far more than “plain-old GPS”. Connected vehicles are quickly becoming more of a stand-alone IoT application. New technologies are currently providing data from real-time inventory updates, connected passenger cars, commercial vehicle communications, toll roads to vehicle, and perhaps even gas pumps to vehicle soon.

Come read the tale of Robert. Robert purchased of a fleet of self-driving delivery vans for his expanding startup. He tracked every route diligently and realized the company lost more inventory than last quarter! Robert explains:

“I spent half-a-million bucks on a fleet of self-driving cargo vans. I track and monitor the GPS data. I’ve analyzed routes, speed of travel, stoppage times, driver behaviors and I still lost a ridiculous amount of my expensive inventory. I’ve also lost custom service tools and even some very expensive capital equipment out of my vans. What is going on!?!? Robert is suffering from disconnected vehicle fatigue. He has only addressed data and analytics associated with GPS capabilities. Robert’s business needs to track not only his connected fleet of vans, but all the inventory and tools required to install or service the products sold. Robert sees great data about the location and tracking of his fleet. Quickly, Robert learned how location services were only a solution to part of his company’s problem. He knew he needed a partner capable of handling all his needs with the very best solutions. Read further to hear about what happened when he implemented a total IoT application.
“A fellow business owner told me about the transparency of metrics he found with a complete IoT solutions suite against just tracking capabilities. I took his advice and outfitted my fleet of 25 connected vehicles with a comprehensive IoT solution. It took a little over a week for installation and it integrated seamlessly into our existing system. I couldn’t believe the amount of control that new data gave to me and my company.”
  • Apptricity’s Connected Vehicle Services Features:

    • GPS Tracking Route History, Time at Appointment, Time Drive, Time off task.

    • Visually manage how much inventory is on each vehicle and inventory for each appointment.

    • Alerts when there is a temperature breach of over 88 degrees in each van.

    • Allocates van inventory based directly on work order integration. A process for ins and out.

    • Decrementing inventory at van level, warehouse level, triggers supply chain orders. 

When you’re looking for an “under one roof” partner, check out the Apptricity team. We are all about hardware, software, and the highest caliber service! If your assets management efforts require immediate access to immediate insights for immediate action, just look around our website schedule a time to visit.

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