Apptricity helps you track and safeguard your tools and expensive equipment


Construction companies face unique challenges in developing a fully comprehensive asset management strategy. With jobsites that often span large distances and equipment that varies in price, lifespan, and usage, companies are looking to software solutions to provide a central repository for all information regarding the tools, equipment, and personnel for a project. Among the many challenges faced in the construction industry, tool and equipment tracking, theft prevention, and lifecycle management highlight the top three issues that every asset management solution needs to address. Apptricity solves these problems with an integrated software and hardware solution that can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

Eliminate manual tracking with real-time location tags

Heavy equipment, tools, vehicles, and trailers are all commonly used assets in any construction project. As the size of the site grows, so does the difficulty in knowing the exact location of assets. Sending people out to find missing assets can take hours, and sometimes days depending on the size of the jobsite. Apptricity’s I-Connect hardware solves these problems with Bluetooth, LTE, and satellite tags that provide real-time location tracking with GPS coordinates. These coordinates are then sent to Apptricity Asset Management which updates the asset’s location on the map. Users can see a history of asset movement, as well as distance travelled over a given time period. Having this visibility ensures that your crew is focused on completing the job, not finding lost equipment.

Reduce theft with geofence alerts

Theft remains one of the costliest problems that construction companies face with every project. This issue is magnified when managing a large jobsite where 24/7 monitoring just is not practical. Equipment will “walk off” the site, putting asset acquisition costs and ultimately project timelines way over budget. Apptricity Asset Management solves this problem through geofencing, which allows users to define boundaries that will send an alert if an asset breaks the radius. Real-time notifications ensure that managers can keep equipment from walking off the site or falling into the wrong hands.

Maximize the lifespan of your equipment with service scheduling

Most of the heavy equipment and tools used on a jobsite have strict maintenance requirements that help maximize the usefulness of the item. When maintenance is not tracked with efficiency, important pieces of equipment can break down, delaying the project and potentially increasing the amount spent for a needed replacement. Apptricity Asset Management automates many of the important lifecycle management tasks such as maintenance scheduling, warranty tracking, useful life measurements, and more. Maintenance tasks can be auto-scheduled when an asset has reached a certain usage amount, and a full maintenance history is kept at the individual asset level to better inform users when it might to be time to replace an asset instead of repairing it again. Each of these lifecycle maintenance items ensures that assets are used to their maximum efficiency and keeps them on the job and out of the repair garage.

By addressing these three key items in construction asset management, Apptricity provides a platform that offers immediate ROI and helps you manage construction projects more efficiently. Visit to schedule a demo and learn more about how Apptricity can help your business.