Construction efficiency, safety, scheduling, and ROI improve with an IoT system of operation. Now is the time to tune up your asset visibility and management efforts.

The internet of things (IoT) has steadily climbed higher into the ranks of construction companies. Apptricity’s IoT and software systems are providing live access, tracking, and management for billions of dollars of machinery, tools, and supplies.

Look, find, manage, schedule, alert, and transport in one hand while you hold that morning coffee in the other.

Apptricity understands why visibility and location are crucial criteria to our construction partners. We know you might have a few worksites or many worksites to manage. Worksites that could be oceans apart or in the same state. You need a comprehensive resource powerhouse with a detailed view of all your assets in real-time.

Worksites filled with people, yellow iron, vehicles, power equipment, scaffolding, building materials, energy generators, and even more expensive necessities to manage. They all must stay accounted for no matter the distance between them. Simple, right?

Apptricity has taken the blindfold off heavy machinery yard management, equipment managers, site engineers, and construction operations foremen. No more hoping the right materials are in the right places. Gone are the days of praying that the right allocation of equipment arrives at the right jobsite at the right time.

Data capture, data analysis, data storage, and real-time insights patch construction IoT voids.

These connection savvy, smart devices allow for an entire system of operation wherever the user’s location. What kind of data window to your construction business could a platform like this provide for you?

“If only I knew ____________, I could __________.”

The data collection, capture, and analysis are parts of the magic sauce of IoT devices! The data collected and analyzed by smart IoT devices and software provides metrics to answer to those blank spaces above. When the right data is captured in your IoT device, your phrase might be filled in as such:

“If I only knew our power tools were not checked back into the storage locker at end of day, I could prevent loss and save over $100K of expense.”

Tracking equipment is only one part of Apptricity’s best-in-class, asset management software. The start of every construction project begins with equipment procured, tools onsite, and ready for maximum performance.

Dead tools, missing tools, broken equipment, maintenance needed, useful life over? Not on your watch!

Connected! What business isn’t affected when time-sensitive inventory, tools, or building materials get ruined in transit, lost, or even stolen. Desktop computers, tablets, laptops, and smartphones in the hands of our construction leaders, are the next generation of construction asset management tools.

A well-appointed tracking system provides more than just the current location of an object. Apptricity’s asset location solutions incorporate a real-time view of an asset or piece of machinery, location movement, and movement and usage history of the asset.

Many current system of record platforms are piecemeal products with poorly designed infrastructure, bad processes, incompatibility, and antique workflows. Apptricity takes pride in being recognized for providing real-time asset tracking and management, custom sensors, alerts, and integration with your existing enterprise platform.

Deeper functionality lives in Apptricity’s asset tracking platform. There is a notion of increased responsibility and individual control when alerts can be customized to store historical service records, useful life expectancy, scheduled maintenance and who is, or who was custodian of the asset.

Apptricity provides service via barcode, RFid tags, Bluetooth, and both LTE and Satellite GPS. They are committed to providing the top options in hardware to go along with their expert coding and software development and service.

Protecting people and assets in real-time.

Viewing assets and equipment in real time is an outstanding resource. Setting up alerts when a given item moves outside of a determined location is simple. That’s right, construction equipment geo-tracking.

Apptricity has a variety of solutions for geo-tracking. The application can be customized to user-centered needs.

Need geo-tracking at a remote construction site? Apptricity has released its latest UI Version 8.0. New mapping functionality and user experience displays devices capable of reaching 23 miles and 20 floors vertically.

We’ve all seen sprinkler heads in commercial spaces. But what happens when a remote worksite experiences a fire? The US fire safety market is exploding with IoT technology. Building materials engulfed by fire is a problem that needs extinguishing.

Smart device sensors have hit the fire safety market.

Construction asset management operation systems are leading to success via multiple functions. It’s rare to find a company like Apptricity that can provide asset visibility solutions that can be fully customized and fully compatible with 58 different ERP systems. Apptricity truly becomes a single source system of operation. Schedule your assessment for immediate access, immediate insight, and immediate action here.

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