Construction, Government, and Healthcare sectors increase usage of Internet of Things (IoT) as a system of operation (SoO). Bluetooth and RFiD provide soaring benefits to cost, time, and asset visibility.

Internet of things (IoT) devices and software applications are finding clever methods of use. The construction vertical has an advanced blueprint and is building a solid foundation.

Construction is an industry of wild variability. At its core is the human need to better our living environments, to build, to advance, to rise. The shape and method have changed as technological advancements occur more frequently. We still carve and strike, we bolt and forge, we reinforce and improve. We also use smart devices like tablets and laptops as construction tools.

Apptricity’s asset management software application gives construction site mangers a real-time view of every tool, vehicle, machine, or piece of equipment. Instant information reveals current location, former location history, custodian of asset history, user guides, maintenance records, service scheduling, and useful life remaining. Criteria can be customized to client needs.

Construction projects need their tools and materials onsite, accounted for, on time, and in the right working order. It builds confidence to have simple access to your equipment and comprehensive data under your command.

The true core use of the Internet of Things is the data set derived and how our clients analyze and act upon it. Such data enables not only asset-based efficiencies, but advanced methods to safeguard the construction sector’s most important asset, human life.

Government sectors of all sizes are utilizing best-in-class RFiD and Bluetooth applications to locate, protect, and manage essential assets.

Mission critical equipment is needed by every sector of the armed forces. There is no margin of error when human life is on the line. Ground forces alone have an astronomical number of assets to manage. Consider the scale of the military asset management efforts at any given time. What kind of information can be captured, analyzed, stored, and transmitted in real-time? Apptricity always has your six.

State and local governments are utilizing IoT with great success.

Smart technology is finding a way to improve the life of citizens in many methods. San Diego was one of the first municipalities to install smart traffic lights that communicate data to each other allowing for a far better flow of traffic and reduction in commute times. London utilizes a smart parking system through Bluetooth. Lake Nona, an Orlando suburb, is the first smart city with autonomous driving shuttle services.

Apptricity is proud to partner and serve clients including the US Army and US Air Force. We have supported our country as a Department of Defense contractor since 2004.

Healthcare sector prescribes RFiD and Bluetooth Internet of Things (IoT) applications to locate, protect, and manage critical equipment and analyze patient-centered treatment data.

County hospitals are also great examples of success stories in a multitude of areas. Patient safety is improving with RFiD tags and readers keeping the right patients in the right places while receiving the right treatment.

Our frontline healthcare workers, doctors, nurses, and therapists need crucial equipment in an instant. Time should not be wasted on searching for life-saving equipment instead of providing life-saving treatments. Asset tracking solutions are saving hospitals on inventory loss, asset utilization, asset visibility, and capital equipment wear and service.

Artificial Intelligence is not a future technology. It’s here now and its presence is gaining acceptance as it passes privacy litmus tests courtesy of the FDA. Wearable tech is proving to be a supreme piece of infrastructure for researchers and diagnosticians alike.

Apple with Mayo? Sort of. The Mayo Clinic utilizes the Apple watch for detection of left ventricular dysfunction, a cardiovascular issue resulting in a weak heart pump. Mayo Clinic enrolled a high number of patients in a study to collect ECGs.

The individual data is analyzed by an algorithm that effectively harnesses the signal from a single electrode lead on the Apple watch. The algorithm matches specified criteria from a database of 12-electrode lead ECGs to predict a weakened heart pump without clinical testing or advanced diagnostic imaging. 

Apptricity has a variety of IoT supply chain and asst tracking solutions. The application can be customized to user-centered needs.

Apptricity’s latest UI Version 8.0 is available with new mapping functionality and user experience displays devices capable of reaching 23 miles and 20 floors vertically.

Industry asset management systems are leading to success via multiple functions. It’s rare to find a company like Apptricity that can provide asset visibility solutions that can be fully customized and fully compatible with 58 different ERP systems. Apptricity truly becomes a Single Source System of Operation (SSSoO). Schedule your assessment for immediate access, immediate insight, and immediate action here.

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