Corporate Spring Cleaning with the Internet of Things

It’s finally springtime! With the longer days, greener foliage, blossoming trees, and (hopefully somewhat) lifted moods, many of us are ready to open the windows and tackle some spring cleaning. But did you consider that you can take your cleaning to work and apply it on a larger scale? It turns out you can! And with the Internet of Things on your side, corporate spring cleaning has never been easier!

Here are three ways you can clean up your company’s procedures with IoT technology: Go paperless! Paper clutter in the office can be challenging to manage, especially for a large business. Marie Kondo’s advice on handling papers may seem somewhat radical: “My basic principle for sorting papers is to throw them all away.” But on a corporate level, it may be even more possible to let go of your papers by adopting paperless solutions to keep track of all your business’ data. Using an enterprise asset management system, for example, could make for paperless record-keeping that’s fully automated and free of human error. A place for everything. Sometimes we’re pleasantly surprised to find missing items when we’re cleaning house. But when you can’t find company equipment when you need it, time and value are wasted. To ensure every piece of equipment is accounted for, connecting them to the Internet of Things with tracking devices and an enterprise asset management system can give you an at-a-glance picture of everything in your inventory.

Find (and fix!) what’s broken. Looking at your revenue forecast can mean finding out the places you could be overspending, this can be time-consuming and difficult for a medium to large enterprise. With RFID tags, Bluetooth beacons, or other IoT technology (with the aid of an integrated enterprise asset management solution) to track your assets, you can find countless instances of overstocking items in warehouses, buying inventory that could be expiring before being sold, and missed maintenance opportunities that shorten asset life. When an automated, comprehensive system is in place, you can make game-changing repairs to your infrastructure that’ll save considerable funds in the upcoming year.

Once your corporate spring cleaning is complete, you can breathe a sigh of relief. You’ve gotten rid of things you don’t need. You have the peace of mind that comes with knowing where your assets are. You can kick back and know your summer will be a productive one.

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