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November 2019
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Apptricity Announces New Field Services Vehicle

“Apptricity Field Services creates better efficiency in the field with the capability to track all inventory, utilizing RFID, and provide for complete visibility when mobile technicians are in the field.” – Tim Garcia, CEO & President This week, Apptricity announced the introduction of its newest vehicle for its field services solution. Apptricity Field Services in conjunction with the new state-of-the-art…
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Apptricity Attends RFID in Aerospace & Defense

Tim Garcia, Apptricity CEO & President, at RFID in Aerospace & Defense Last week, Apptricity attended the first annual RFID in Aerospace & Defense event in Long Beach, California. The event was to showcase providers and solutions to help attendees determine how to deploy RFID in their operations, in respect to the aerospace and defense sectors. Delta Airlines, the U.S.…
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3 Quick Tips About Compliance and Expense Management

Expense Management
Apptricity Travel and Expense Management Another day in the office, another day of reporting travel and expenses. However, how truthful are people when it comes to proper expense reporting? It is becoming apparent that exaggerated claims on expense reports are becoming a problem and are interfering with ability to manage employee and company spend. A new survey shows that manual…
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RFID Technology: Beyond Asset Tracking

Often when one thinks of RFID technology, the first thought to mind might be of asset tracking for retail. According to new studies, the use of RFID technology is expected to rise in all industries, especially in healthcare. The study suggests the healthcare market is expected to witness 3.89 billion dollars of RFID technology to monitor product and patient tracking…
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Apptricity Announces New State-of-the-Art Data Center

Tim Garcia, President and CEO of Apptricity Last week, Apptricity announced the opening of a new state-of-the-art Data Center, to meet growing demands from new and existing customers. The new high-availability Data Center is certified to run PCI Level 1, FedRamp, DoD Level 4, and DoD Level 5. For its commercial sector certifications, it would include SSAE16, and Soc2 security and…
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It’s Time to Update Your Company’s Inventory Management

Toronto’s Auditor General Beverly Romeo-Beehler says the Toronto Transit Commission has “deficiencies” in its warehouse operations resulting in over a million dollars in unaccounted for inventory. The report found that $427,000 of inventory was lost due to shrinkage which includes possible loss or theft; another $1 million of inventory was unaccounted for because of adjustments. With issues such as using…
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The 3 Main Drivers for Automating Travel and Expense Management

Presenters Jimmy LeFever of PayStream Advisors, and Mark Oliver of Apptricity You may have noticed the growing trend for travel and expense management (TEM) automation. It is predicted that around 80% of organizations will implement an automated TEM solution by 2020. The downturn of the economy is one reason TEM automation has increased. Overall spending budgets have decreased and better management of travel is…
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Fleet Management and Smart Cities

Last week, experts from Apptricity joined the 2016 Verizon Connected Community Tour at City Hall in Dallas, Texas. The educational Steve Dunlap, Senior Project Manager, Apptricity, presenting Apptricity Field Services at Verizon Connected Community Tour. sessions included speakers from the City of Dallas, Verizon Network and Verizon Partners. Speaker topics included: Making fleet and public works more efficient by automating workflow Monitoring fleet’s…
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Procure-to-Pay Automation – What are you waiting for?

Students in Apptricity University Procure-to-Pay training class participate in an activity to help understand the Procurement Workflow. When it comes to procurement, understanding and following the workflow model is essential to an efficient Procure-to-Pay (P2P) process. The most common P2P workflow begins with making a purchase request, followed by a purchase order (PO). Once the purchase order is approved, the order is…
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Flash Back Friday: Top 5 Supply Chain Blogs

The Apptricity Blog will celebrate it’s five year anniversary this October. Throughout the years, we have posted over 500 blog articles. This week for Flashback Friday, we decided to share with you our five favorite Supply Chain Management blogs: It’s All About Continuity: How Vulnerable is Your Supply Chain? Simple Steps and Asset Tracking Can Reduce Corporate Theft Are Consumers…
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