Procurement in 2019: The Case for Soft Skills

“To perform effectively, a Procurement professional must act as a relationship manager, a negotiator, a leader, and a trusted strategic partner.  It’s these areas where the hard value of soft skills becomes especially evident. No amount of analytical or technological know-how can make someone better at handling difficult conversations or persevering through a protracted initiative.

In an increasingly unpredictable world, two of the soft skills LinkedIn identifies stand out as particularly indispensable: Creativity and Adaptability. Think back on 2018. Like the preceding years, it was a characterized by unexpected new regulations, extreme weather, and global political unrest. These disruptive forces have become the new normal for Supply Chain Managers, and they’ve compelled organizations to act fast with creative solutions. Far from low-value, Creativity and Adaptability could ultimately decide which businesses thrive, or even survive, in the coming years.”