The Future of IoT Connectivity

IoT has quickly become an important part of every day business but there’s still room for improvement in network longevity, scalability and reliability. This doesn’t fall solely on IoT vendors or network providers but both parties separately.

“Network system providers do have a crucial part to play in industry scalability on a broad level, namely by adapting their backbone networks to improve support for IoT devices.” Protocols that are currently in place unfortunately can’t support the network and when these protocols fail the backup troubleshooting is a bit of a mess. There are several options currently on the table, all of which are being worked on together by networks and IoT vendors.

“IoT vendors themselves also have the potential to improve connectivity and scalability from the ground up. At the R&D stage, considerations regarding a device’s access and identity controls and network capability are key to ensuring that future networks are scalable.” And as long as the two parts are working as a whole, even with the future evolution of IoT technology we should see even more capabilities and applications.