Top 10 Predictions for Worldwide Supply Chains in 2019

“We believe now more than ever that business leaders who recognize the real impact of digital technologies on their industry, customers, partners, suppliers, functions and business practices stand to gain substantial advantage over their competitors. And the supply chain is increasingly viewed by manufacturers and retailers as a critical function for their future success.

According to our biannual supply chain survey, there were many fascinating insights into the role and approach for the modern supply chain, but three broad observations rose above all others:

● After years of being relegated to support status, the supply chain is now perceived by manufacturers and retailers as a strategic tool for business performance and growth—from “cost center” to “opportunity center.”

● Digital technology is now the top driver of change in the supply chain, reflecting both the potential for driving transformation and the lack of full clarity into true potential.

Supply chain transformation is both about driving efficiency and effectiveness today for ROI and building resilience to disruption tomorrow (almost 60% believe their business will be disrupted in 2018).”