Apptricity and National Travel Partner to Provide Expense Management Solution to U.S. Federal Court

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Dallas, TX, October 02, 2014 – Apptricity, leading global provider of innovative mobile enterprise software, including mission-critical supply chain management and integrated financial management solutions, announced today with National Travel that they were awarded a multi-year contract with the U.S federal court system under the Judicial Branch of the U.S government.

The joint initiative will enhance National Travel’s current travel management system with Apptricity’s fully automated mobile expense management solution. The solution eliminates manual, paper-based processes eradicating the possibility of human error. Travelers will be privy to accessing the system from any location through Apptricity’s mobile application that includes integrated access to National Travel’s online booking tools.

“The synchronicity between both solutions will help the government and commercial markets improve the overall function of expense management,” said Ted Lawson, president and CEO of National Travel.

Apptricity’s software will help National Travel meet the challenges expressed by the federal courts, including providing secure interfaces to the courts’ ERP system, and providing detailed business intelligence reports to analyze improving travel and expense-related costs. The joint solution will:

Improve the overall function of expense management by implementing automation into their processes
Consistently comply with travel and expense management regulations as well as accounting systems and standards
Improve operating efficiency of financial travel management functions
Implement and manage projects quickly.
“Apptricity’s end-to-end solution enables the federal courts to extend their travel procurement practices into expense reporting processes,” said Timothy D. Garcia, founder and CEO of Apptricity. “Fully equipped with mobile capability, the solution puts everything from travel requests to post trip expense report submissions at the traveler’s fingertips. Federal courts will now have clearer insight into their travel and expense budgets and be able to recognize significant savings.”

To learn more about Apptricity’s automated travel and expense management solution, please contact an Apptricity representative at 214-596-0601.


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