Apptricity Outlines Top 3 Advantages of Automated Warehouse Management Software

Company founder and CEO explains three ways automating warehouse management processes can affect company efficiency and reduce costs

As markets become more globally interlinked and businesses spread themselves and their products to more locations, the challenges of warehouse management become more pronounced. Transforming the warehouse into a lean, highly efficient machine through automation software can make a drastic difference in a company’s ability to compete. However, it’s next to impossible to get these results without changing the tools and processes currently in place.

Timothy D. Garcia, founder and CEO of Apptricity, a provider of mobile enterprise software solutions, has identified the top three benefits of implementing cloud-based warehouse management software.

  1. Improve focus. “When you have the right tools in place to support your warehouse, it can eliminate a massive amount of busy work,” Garcia said. “A cloud-based warehouse management solution goes the extra step by eliminating IT concerns, including ordering equipment, implementing upgrades and conducting maintenance sweeps. Businesses tend to underestimate how much productivity is lost to tedious manual tasks that can easily be performed by an automated system. Freeing up your warehouse staff members’ time means more effort can be put into the jobs of more value to your organization.”
  2. Increase visibility. “For companies that deal with time-sensitive products, like food and beverages or pharmaceuticals, there is an added urgency that shipments must arrive on time,” Garcia said. “Due to the increased need for quality assurance, many companies are upgrading their transportation management and warehouse management systems to ensure on-time delivery. With a system in place, they immediately gain complete visibility of shipment statuses. They know whether a shipment is en route, if there are temperature fluctuations, the expected arrival date, shelf life, rotation dates and its exact location at any given time. An additional benefit includes comprehensive reporting capabilities.”
  3. Implement integration. “Businesses rely more on technology so they can focus on their core competencies, which tends to encourage further business process transformation,” Garcia said. “Choosing a stand-alone warehouse management system that is capable of integrating with other solutions including invoice or inventory management allows for more flexibility when the company expands in the future. Instead of patching together multiple software applications to solve several disparate issues, it’s best to choose one that can grow with the company’s needs for years to come.”

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