Apptricity Outlines Top Three Ways Fleet Management Software Saves Companies Money

CEO shares insight into how fleet-based businesses can use mobile vehicle tracking and management solutions to increase efficiency and reduce costs

Tim Garcia, founder and CEO of Apptricity, discusses how fleet management software can help companies increase efficiency and decrease costs. When a company is managing something as large and varied as a transportation network, it can be far too easy for productivity to wane and cost the organization valuable resources. Investing in state-of-the-art asset management and fleet management software can save companies tens of thousands of dollars a day, depending on organizational size and the extent of transportation networks.

Timothy D. Garcia, founder and CEO of Apptricity, provider of mobile enterprise software solutions, has identified the top three ways that fleet management software can help companies reduce inefficiencies and increase profits.

  1. Cut emissions and spending. “Environmental mandates and high fuel prices are pressuring fleet managers to crack down on their emissions and spending,” says Garcia. “Powerful fleet- and transportation-management tools can help companies do both. Creating better, more tightly timed routes helps drivers avoid traffic backups and prevents them from taking circuitous paths. Through this software, managers eliminate the option for drivers to potentially waste 10 to 20 percent of what should be their most productive hours. Real-time tracking of vehicles enforces driver accountability. Lower in-transit time translates to both increased fuel efficiency and reduced emissions. Data compiled from such practices can help transportation managers better match different vehicle types and sizes to particular assignments, provide specific training and performance feedback to drivers, and improve vehicle performance monitoring and maintenance.”
  2. Reduce liability. “High and rising vehicle and liability insurance rates are taking an ever-bigger share of corporate revenues for companies that operate fleets,” says Garcia. “Onboard GPS-enabled tracking can be a valuable tool in reducing those costs. For example, false liability claims filed by individuals alleging their vehicle or property was damaged by a company’s fleet vehicle can be easily disproved if you have an exact record of where each of your vehicles was located at any given time. Safety is also improved by the presence of onboard tracking systems. Drivers know their behavior is being tracked, and that typically leads to better driving performance.”
  3. Keep compliant with regulatory forms and reports. “Keeping up with all of the forms and reports that have to be filed is both time consuming and expensive,” said Garcia. “Vehicle tracking and monitoring systems can be set up to generate most, if not all of those reports. That data, once compiled, can help transportation and fleet managers make a variety of more informed decisions regarding preferred/mandated routes, maintenance standards, fuel purchasing, equipment purchases and even shipping rates once they have a complete understanding of the data.”

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