Apptricity Releases Five Asset Tracking Strategies to Cut Down On Corporate Property Theft

Apptricity CEO explains how simple asset tracking measures can prevent theft of corporate inventory

Keeping track of inventory can be an overwhelming task when companies have warehouses full of items to maintain. Proper asset management procedures, including asset tracking, must be in place to cut down on the risk of corporate property being stolen. Though theft cannot be completely eliminated, taking simple steps can prevent the loss of corporate property on a large scale.

Timothy D. Garcia, founder and CEO of Apptricity, the leading global provider of innovative mobile enterprise software for mission-critical supply chain management and integrated financial management solutions, has compiled five ways companies can use asset tracking to help prevent inventory theft.

  1. Permanently mark the property. “Use bar codes, QR codes, RFID tags, or some other tracking system to assign every item a unique identification or serial number with permanently affixed labels,” said Garcia. “Bar codes are fast and easy to apply, and are probably the easiest to work with because they essentially eliminate the chance of human error. Whatever method is used, this practice makes tracking and recovering lost or stolen items not just easier, but possible.”
  2. Make the property useless to others. “Use remote blocking technology for computers, tablets, smartphones, or other networked equipment,” says Garcia. “If a device is lost or stolen, then it can be remotely shut down or rendered useless.”
  3. Use tracking devices. “Some smartphones now come with built-in GPS tracking, but for those that don’t, GPS or RFID trackers can be added to other devices,” said Garcia. “It may not be worth the price to add trackers to relatively inexpensive mobile devices, but for more expensive portable items and those likely to contain confidential data, it would be worth the investment.”
  4. Decide on a tactical approach. “Mark property in a visible way to deter potential thieves,” said Garcia. “Or mark them inconspicuously so as not to alert criminals that the devices contain valuable information. Whichever approach you take, make sure to mark every piece of corporate property.”
  5. Implement asset management software. “An efficient asset management solution makes it easier to keep track of inventory locations,” said Garcia. “With the use of RFID tracking it’s possible to be alerted when property is removed from the company’s premises. With this level of visibility, it’s much harder for products and equipment to disappear without a trace.”

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