Apptricity Releases Guidelines For Simplifying Your AP Department Through Automated Invoice Management

Apptricity CEO offers insight into automated invoice management and its abilities to simplify AP departments, accommodate the goals of a business, and lead to a quick ROI

Keeping track of a constant trail of invoices can be a daunting task for even the most nimble of accounts payable (AP) departments. Automation can take invoice payment cycles from overly complex to quick and simple. These easy adjustments can spare your AP employees frustration and wasted time, translating into money your company retains. eInvoicing brings ease, cohesiveness, and flexibility to your accounting department, which can increase productivity and result in a speedy ROI.

Timothy D. Garcia, founder and CEO of Apptricity, provider of mobile enterprise software solutions, has identified three ways that automated invoice management can streamline your AP department processes. “Software is evolving slow-moving AP departments into lean, dynamic caretakers of a company’s financial and legal well-being.”

  1. Simplify the complex. “Software is evolving slow-moving AP departments into lean, dynamic caretakers of a company’s financial and legal well-being,” says Garcia. “Not something easily done when workflow requires invoices to pass through dozens of hands before eventually getting paid.”
  2. Facilitate easy compliance. “eInvoicing enables easy reporting and auditing,” says Garcia. “Providing peace of mind that is lacking in businesses who rely on the skill, attention span and ethics of their AP personnel in order to avoid financial and public relations catastrophes.”
  3. Flexibility. “A topnotch solution provider is prepared to offer the configurability each organization requires,” says Garcia. “Scalability is another bonus as corporations find that an automated system can handle drastic increases in invoice numbers without the need for additional employees. Software should accommodate the needs and goals of a business, rather than a business having to adapt to the demands and challenges of a rigid system.

To learn more about Apptricity’s automated invoice management solution, please contact an Apptricity representative at 214-596-0601.


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