Verizon and Apptricity Partner to Distribute a Revolutionary Field Services Solution

Apptricity Field Services supplies vital efficiencies that transform the mobile supply chain

Dallas, Texas, May 27, 2015 – Apptricity® Corporation, a leading global provider of innovative mobile enterprise solutions for supply chain management (SCM) and spend management, today announced that it has partnered with to market, promote and distribute ApptricityField Services, an automated, end-to-end mobile asset, inventory and work order management solution for the field. In this “Sell With” partnership agreement, Verizon and Apptricity are jointly marketing Field Services as a complementary solution that dramatically improves supply chain visibility and efficiencies.

Field Services multiplies efficiencies by making field operations measurably more visible, effective and profitable. Radio frequency identification (RFID) tagging enables real-time tracking of all assets — including inventory, tools, equipment and even the vehicle itself. Up-to-the-minute tracking records appear on service technicians’ tablets, dispatchers’ desktops and upper management’s dashboards to increase the entire team’s situational awareness. Work order information, time spent on a job and billing details are all communicated in real time for rapid and accurate processing, facilitating faster revenue billing opportunities.

“By bringing an organization’s warehouse to field service vehicles and automating inventory and asset tracking in conjunction with work order processing, Apptricity Field Services transforms the traditional supply chain,” said Timothy D. Garcia, founder and CEO, Apptricity. “We are proud to partner with Verizon in offering this revolutionary solution that will change the future of service delivery for channel partners and end-user customers.”

Well suited for route-based or mobile service businesses, Field Services brings enterprise-level solutions to the field and makes service vehicles intelligent. Telecom and broadband installation, mobile repair, plumbing, electrical services and ambulance services are just some of the industries that can benefit. The system integrates and streamlines asset, inventory and work order management for start-to-finish tracking and control across the value chain.

Field Services significantly reduces excessive service calls, optimizes driving routes and ensures that “lost” tools and equipment are no longer an issue. If anything is removed from a vehicle, it is instantaneously reflected on the technician’s tablet for rapid replenishment. Tight integration with RFID technology ensures that organizations never lose track of inventory as it is stored, loaded on vehicles, used or delivered. Missed point of service (POS) opportunities due to unrealized inventory shortages are a thing of the past.

All tracking involved in moving inventory from a warehouse to a service vehicle and associating that inventory with a customer order is automatic. Real-time visibility is available at every stage with absolutely no paper trail required. Inventory tracking via spreadsheets and manual data entry are no longer necessary. The system reduces errors, shrinkage and waste. If needed, technicians can share costly or rarely used tools because they can readily view the tool inventory of other vehicles that are in close proximity. In addition, organizations can realize capital expenditure savings by virtually eliminating loss and reducing the purchase of high-cost, infrequently used equipment.

Apptricity contributes extensive knowledge and experience to the SCM industry, along with an impressive track record of success in challenging and complex environments. A component of Apptricity’s advanced mobile SCM solution suite, Field Services is powered by Apptricity JetStream platform.


About Apptricity

Apptricity Corporation provides mission-critical supply chain management and spend management solutions to small, midsize and global enterprises and government organizations worldwide. Apptricity software and solutions mobilize any enterprise with unprecedented levels of real-time information and business intelligence so management has visibility into every action and transaction within the enterprise and among its partners, customers and suppliers. Powered by Apptricity JetStream platform, our solutions enhance legacy enterprise applications and extend the value of information technology investments. Our platform enables us to address the universal objectives of business, government and the military with accelerated business processes and command visibility.


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