Customer Support is one of those critical components of a business. No matter what business you are in, customers need and want good support. It makes a huge difference in how you experience a product, and how you perceive a company.

At Apptricity, Frank Salembier leads the Customer Support Team, and has done so for the last decade. During this time, Frank has interfaced with many of the customers who have contributed to the expansion of the Apptricity Corporation and its product lines. He has a particular view of our customers.

Apptricity customers are the best in their industries. Frank and his team take that personally. They work tirelessly to ensure that the Apptricity solution delivers the best performance to the best of the best. It takes Patience. It takes Dedication. It takes Understanding.

“Over the years, my team has helped our customers adjust their applications to meet new requirements. My team works with customers to identify their objectives and then helps enable functionality and recommend and/or implement related Apptricity modules if that is what is needed.”

Frank attributes the success of his Customer Support to the depth of understanding that his team has of how their customer’s are using the Apptricity product. The Customer Support Team becomes familiar with the customer’s unique business practices and processes during the implementation phase of the product. Consequently, when support is needed, Frank and his team are already valued partners exploring options to resolve issues. ”Unlike other companies, my support staff works one-on-one with customers in a collaborative way,” says Frank.

Collaboration means understanding what the product can do and what it does do in customer’s environments. Collaboration means helping the customer gain an operating edge with the Apptricity product. Collaboration means figuring out how the product can help the customer increase their employee effectiveness. Collaboration means helping a company be efficient.

This type of collaborative support makes Apptricity stand out. Maria Warren, Accounts Payable, TD Auto Finance remembers the support that she received from Frank when integrating a new corporate card in her Expense Management System:

“…Frank Salembier worked late hours, during vacations and on sick days to complete the project to our satisfaction. The continued patience, support and dedication that Frank and his team exhibits are greatly appreciated and highly valued.”

Because the Apptricity solutions support core business processes, from supply chain to financial management, the impact of Apptricity’s Customer Support Team is far reaching. It makes a difference when the support is collaborative and personal. Apptricity received a superior rating for customer support in an independent survey by Dun and Bradstreet. Frank is proud of that accomplishment: “It is a testimony to our support processes when other companies have recommended Apptricity because of our customer service and how we work with them.”

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